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Ignite recording not as flexible as Nextbox

I've Been Around

I just switched to ignite tv today.

When trying to record the local news ( CTV Barrie news channel 5) for 6pm to 7pm as a series recording there is no start and stop time option as the next box had. This results in the multiple early morning news and the 11pm news also scheduled for recording. I don’t want to have to cancel each of those unwanted scheduled recordings individually.
The only time I can select a start and/or stop time is using guide to select the desired show. However, that only generates a one time scheduled recording vs 7 days a week series recording for that specific time slot.




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Re: Ignite recording not as flexible as Nextbox

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Yes that is lacking in ignite. Netbox used set new recording this time slot only.  Can't on Ignite. ..


I set each news cast individually to record,  like you said I would get news morning, 6pm and 11pm.



Re: Ignite recording not as flexible as Nextbox

I've Been Around
Agreed. Also, one can start a show early and end late with Ignite but not as flexible as the Nextbox. Ignite gives 3 choices: on time, 1 minute early or 2 minutes early. I want 5, 10 and 30. It is more flexible at the end but that means I would have to record the earlier time slot and scroll to the last five minute segment that I am interested in.