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Ignite reboots itself multiple times during shows

I've Been Around
So we got this ignite system. It was originally connected with wifi. It kept rebooting so when the technician was here to hook up our door camera, he connected ignite directly with a cable. This reduced the reboots, but it still reboots multiple times while watching. We missed the superbowl completely because it rebooted then would not connect...I called in last week and they reset it from their side. No improvement. We signed a 2 year contract but I'm wondering if there is course to get out as this system has not worked yet for a 24 hour period, since we signed up. Thoughts?

Re: Ignite reboots itself multiple times during shows


Greetings and welcome to our Community @Lewisman!


Certainly having daily issues is not the expected operating standard that we aspire to. I apologize for the experience thus far. There is definitely something going on either in your area or with the connection leading to your home for you to be getting daily issues.


Do any errors pop up when it reboots? 


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so we can run some tests and troubleshoot further. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here. 




Re: Ignite reboots itself multiple times during shows

While I was home with my son this weekend, setting up Xmas stuff around the house... we had the TV going for like 8+ hours straight, with no issues at all.

Its not really indicative of the service as a whole.  It can go fine.
But obviously something is up in your location.

So either would be something else local, not wifi since you eliminated that... but could be something more at the MODEM level.
Beyond that.. could be more something back end issue.. that maybe is only for the back end for your area (and not others)

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