Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

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Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

@stoneball : Under the Rogers link, that's the Champion Remote, not the Royal Remote. I don't believe the Champion remote works with Ignite, only Rogers Legacy Digital Cable.  Based on the buttons on the Royal remote, it doesn't appear to have any "programability" other than to tell which TV you have so it'll turn it on/off and control TV volume.  It's also limited having no Pg+, Pg-, or AVR/Sound Bar volume/on/off functionality, unless there is some "back door" technique that I haven't seen discussed here.

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Re: Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

as I mentioned if you press the tv input button on either the royal remote or the ignite remote, you can go to various places including home which is the tv smart screen. Regrettably that where the arrow buttons no longer work neither on Royal remote or the ignite remote . I was hoping there was a way to "unlock" the royal or ignite remotes.