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Ignite pause issues, recording issue

I plan to stick around

We just got Ignite TV.  I have two problems with Pause, both of which are bugs IMO.


First, we did a long pause due to a phone call.  After 15 minutes or so it started playing again.  This is not unexpected and not the problem.  The problem is that we were still on the call, so we pressed pause again.  It paused for about 2 seconds and started playing again.  Every time we pressed pause it just started playing again after a second or two.  We had to mute the TV so that it wouldn't interrupt our call, and then we had to go back and find where we left off.


Second, we did a pause of about 5 minutes during a 1-hour show, and then continued to watch the show.  Near the end of the show, right at the climax, the stream aborted and we were being shown the guide.  So, it seems that pausing somehow caused it to not show the complete program.


To add to this I don't know why they removed the time slot option for recording series.  We want to record the 6 o'clock CTV news each day, but it records the news in all time slots (noon, 6, and 11:30) each day.  I don't see any way to change this.  It's bad enough we still can't pick a channel number, now we can't even pick the time.


I'm not happy with the WiFi configuration taken out of my hands either, as the Ignite Gateway decided to pick a channel width that conflicts with my access point, but I can work around that.


Not a good first experience with Ignite.



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Re: Ignite pause issues, recording issue

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Instead of hitting Pause, hit the red record button instead.  Also remember to click the mute button.  This way whenever you want, you can go back and watch the recording.  You will miss about 30 seconds of the programme at the time you hit record.


I also miss the timeslot or "this day" options.  I either delete the duplicates if there are not too many, this can be done before or after recording.  Or I set single recordings. This is really the fault of the broadcaster because they should label the programmes differently.  Say "news at noon", news at 6, news at 11...

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