Ignite modem with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick

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Ignite modem with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick


I recently switched to Ignite 150u Internet & TV. Since the switch the desktop PC that I use with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick is not able to connect to my WiFi. I have rebooted the Ignite modem, PC and reseated the linksys stick and changed it to a different USB port on the desktop. But the PC cannot connect to the wiFi, and if it connects drops the link once I try to access any internet page.


Are there any known compatibility issues with Linksys and Ingnite 150u?

Please note this was working until I swapped the old Hiltron modem with the new Ignite mode.







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Re: Ignite modem with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick

Hello, @shivasomasundar.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😀


Thank you for posting your WiFi connection issue in the Community, so far we haven't discussed such a problem. I appreciate all the troubleshooting you have done. 


Happy to diagnose the issue, would you please answer the following:

  • Are you using the previous network name (SSID) on the new modem?
  • Has the modem's or PC's position changed?
  • What's the OS running on your PC?
  • Have you noticed connection issues with any other device?


I look forward to seeing a stable connection on your PC.




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite modem with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick

1) I am using same SSID as before

2) Modem position is same as before

3) Another laptop with inbuilt wifi and iPhone with wifi is working from same spot

4) OS is Windows 10.


So this looks like a Linksys compatibility issue or a Wifi coverage issue (since this Linksys stick is in a different room).

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Re: Ignite modem with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick

@shivasomasundar  If you place your iPhone close to the desktop PC's WiFi antenna, how many bars to you see on your phone's WiFi signal strength indicator?  If you move the iPhone around in that local area, does the signal strength fluctuate?


Are you able to maintain the WiFi link if you reposition your desktop PC slightly and/or change the orientation of the antenna?


It may also be helpful to manually assign channels in your XB6 modem's WiFi settings.  Depending on where it is located, it could be shielded from the surrounding environment and if the channel is set to Auto, it may not actually choose the best available channel.  Can you install Apple's "AirPort Utility" on your iPhone from the App Store?  That's the administration tool for Apple's (now discontinued) WiFi routers, but it also has a WiFi scanner that can be enabled in settings.  It's a great, simple and (best of all) free, ad-free tool that you can use to scan the local WiFi environment to find the best available WiFi channel in your area.  When scanning the local environment, the strongest signal sources appear at the top of the list and you don't want to have any devices (with an RSSI of -85 dBm or higher) to be using the same channels.  When assigning channels in the 5GHz range, it's best to use channels in the 149 to 165 range because they transmit at a higher power level.


WiFi can be a very tricky thing.  In the 2.4 GHz band, the transmitter is basically an ultra-low-power microwave oven; the signal is blocked by metal and absorbed by water.  Lots of other devices also use those same frequencies.  That adds noise and interference, and It doesn't take much to reach a tipping point where the signal from the transmitter can no longer be distinguished from noise by the receiver and you can no longer maintain a reliable link.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite modem with Linksys WUB6300 WiFi stick

Thanks for the insight. Issue was resolved fully by moving the Ignite modem to a different corner that was in line of sight range from the desktop. Reorienting it to a different angle also had improvement.
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