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Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication

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How can I stop rogers from emailing telling me my remote battery is low?


What a waste of resources.




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Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication

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Resident Expert

@Biollw  I have never received any such emails... perhaps because I (normally) use my own router, with my Ignite gateway in bridge mode, and this prevents Rogers from polling my set-top boxes?


Looking forward to seeing an answer to your question from the @CommunityHelps team.

Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication


Hi there @Biollw,


I'll be happy to clarify! This step is a part of our commitment to improve the customer experience and promote self-serve options on


Customers will be notified by email or SMS when the battery charge reported by the remote to the Ignite TV Box reaches 5% or less. While other features like changing channels and volume may not be immediately affected, this is the point where voice control can start to become less responsive and/or intermittent.


Because these are service messages containing important information to help ensure your Ignite TV service works as expected, it’s not possible to opt out.


For instructions, or help with any remote issues you can visit





Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication

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They do? Of course this is probably only to the email? I have never used it, not even sure what the address is.

Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication

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It would be to whatever email is listed on the account profile.

Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication

What next for e-mails...."Your recording of Crime Beat is complete and ready to watch", "Your recording for Thursday for Crime Beat is set".


Stay out of my space !

Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication


While our household has 3-4 email addresses, the main one for my account, is actually a Gmail.
And I do receive these emails to that address.

Re: Ignite Voice Remote Low Battery Communication

I've Been Here Awhile

No, he's right, it's a complete waste of time and resources. I just received one of these emails today.


There is already an on-screen notification, which as far as I'm concerned is plenty. I'm not going to be concerned about the battery levels on my remote unless I am actively watching TV, and the on-screen notification is obvious and impossible to ignore.


That notification begins at 30% battery, which is well above what I would consider "low battery". By the time I receive an email about it, I will have already seen the on-screen notification several times. The remote has continued to function normally.


Nagging me to replace the batteries on my remote via email does nothing to improve the customer experience, and customers should absolutely be allowed to opt-out of receiving them.

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