Ignite Tv Cable box - Device Activation Failed

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Ignite Tv Cable box - Device Activation Failed

My cable box died on Sept 27, called tech support and they confirmed cable box is malfunctioning. 

Earliest date for a technician was Oct 01.

Technical came on Oct 01, set everything up but could not activate the box. 

He placed a ticket and said it should be resolved in 30 minutes. 

3 hours later, still no working cable box, called tech support and they told me to wait 24 hours. 

We are Oct 10 today and still no activated box. 

I call each and every day and each and every day they said they escalated the ticket and to wait another 24 hours. 

I only have the one cable box.

They won't even replace it with another box as they said it would confuse the ticket and the system. 


If anyone has any advise I am running out of ideas of who to contact. 

I have spoken to managers, supervisors, concierges,  and they all say the issue is escalated and can't get me more information than that. 

I just want a working cable box... 



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Re: Ignite Tv Cable box - Device Activation Failed

Ya, I wish we could do self installs and the Rogers stores have the equipment, then we can pick it up ourselves.

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Re: Ignite Tv Cable box - Device Activation Failed

Hello, @canaus2006


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Having to wait this long for a resolution to the Ignite TV box issues you are facing must be beyond frustrating, at this point. =(


We definitely want to take a closer look at this to see what is happening and hopefully find a solution for you. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your info and see the status of the Ticket.


Not familiar with our private messaging system? Click Here.






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Re: Ignite Tv Cable box - Device Activation Failed

we are the same boat about to cancel ROGERS altogether.


The service is not just bad, it is porous and unbelievably disgusting!!!!


The seventh rep we spoke to was rude and insulting, telling us it takes 48 hours to activate the iGNITE box and that was 48 hours ago.


They don't seem to know what is wrong neither are they willing to help.



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Re: Ignite Tv Cable box - Device Activation Failed



Welcome to the community forums and thank you for your first post here. 🙂


I'm sad to hear that you are having these issues with getting your Ignite TV box activated and for the poor service you've received thus far, I'd be upset as well. We certainly want to make a much better impression on you.


If your issue has not yet been resolved, we'd like to have a closer look for you. Please send us a Private Message to get started. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you!