Ignite TV web login showing old discontinued addresses

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Ignite TV web login showing old discontinued addresses

Does anyone else have an issue when they login to the Ignite TV web portal (ignitetv.Rogers.com) using their MyRogers sign in, it lists and asks you to select an account and lists an old discontinued address as well as the current service address? It does show the same account number for both. I haven’t lived at the address for 2 years now but is still listed alongside my now current address when I login to Ignite TV on the web. You would think disconnected accounts wouldn’t be listed.
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Re: Ignite TV web login showing old discontinued addresses

Greetings @WSih,


We hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. Great first post, by the way! 😊


It's a bit odd that your old address is still listed on your MyRogers profile...do you happen to have any old accounts still linked to your online profile? To check this, just log in and go to the Profile & Settings tab. If any old/cancelled accounts are reflected there, you may remove them if you wish. You may also want to check under the Billing section on the same page to make sure your current address is listed. 


As long as your correct address is showing on your invoices, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


I hope this is helpful!