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Ignite TV recordings - Outside of Canada

I've been here awhile

I wanted to find out if there is a way to watch recordings from remote locations, during travel. When we were in Europe I wanted to watch some of the sports events we had recorded. I was able to access Ignite TV page and see our recordings, however could not watch. Error message below appears.... I would appreciate any information that may help...



                                                     Well that didn’t go as planned...


We’re having trouble playing this recording. We checked for this program On Demand but, unfortunately, it is not available. Please try watching another program.


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Re: Ignite TV recordings - Outside of Canada

I've been here awhile

By the way, in case it helps,  the error code is  Error TVAPP-00381

Re: Ignite TV recordings - Outside of Canada

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Demirs : Due to rights restrictions, you cannot watch any recordings or Rogers programming outside of Canada.  Inside of Canada you can only watch the "TV Go" channels if you are not at home.


What you can do is utilize Download and Go, where you can load any recordings you have made before you leave on your trip to a device like a tablet or phone.


I am aware that Bell offers this service for some of their programming, but they either negotiated that feature with the rights holders, or they are ignoring the rights holders' restrictions.



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