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Ignite TV not working with AV receiver

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Hi - I cannot get my Ignite TV box to work via an Anthem MRX 500 or Anthem MRX 510 to a projector. On the 500 no video comes through apart from static digital noise. On the 510 I get video but the blacks have green static noise in them. 


I have tried the boxes directly to the projector and have no issues with video. I’ve tried switching cables, Ignite boxes, and HDMI ports on the Anthems (as well as multiple Anthems) but consistently get the same issues. Is there something simple I’m missing? I’m only trying to watch in 1080P. 


Both AVs worked with Nextboxes no problem and work with Oppos as well. 


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Re: Ignite TV not working with AV receiver

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Connect the Ignite TV Box directly to the projector. The go to Settings, Device Settings, Video Display, and change Video Output Resolution to 16:9, 1080p60 HD. Then reconnect to the Anthem and check if the video is fine. If not, downgrade it to 720p, and try again.

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