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Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

I Plan to Stick Around

Since I moved to ignite tv my phone only show “ you have voice mail” only until I pick up the phone.

if I pick up the phone and dial a number and put it back on the base, doesn’t show voice mail indicator any more.

i already called support and sharp rise surprise they reset my system without my permission!!


anyone have this issue when they moved to ignite tv home phone?


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Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

I Plan to Stick Around
Thank you!
That is what i’m Saying
“stuttering dial tone is present but the message isn't I'd say that's an Ignite TV service issue. “
I wish Rogers can see this and look into this issue.
Last time all they did eas resenting my voice mail without asking me!!

Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

Resident Expert

Just a quick thought, the voicemail Indicator is usually a universal standard on almost all phone providers, and most of the time on handsets too.  Even though it worked before on Rogers Cable home phone and NOT working on Ignite home phone does NOT necessarily mean the ignite phone system is broken or defective.


A lot of the times this issue can be "fixed" by doing a reset on the actual handset device.   if picking up the handset clears the message waiting lamp, then it means likely something in the handset is thrown off and might need to be reset, cus usually listening to the new messages on your mail box is what triggers the voicemail to send a silent signal to your phone to "Clear" the lamp.  if the lamp is clearing without even doing this,  often just resetting the phone might fix this, but word of thought, clear your unread voicemails first, then reset the handset and it should report no message waiting, then call your home phone from a different line (perhaps a cell) and leave a message, then report back to see if the message indicator is working properly.


A lot of time other factors like the resistance of the wiring, the REN (Ring Equivalent Number), dsl filters, pots splitters and other connections on your phone wiring can wreak havoc on your voice mail indicator, and they know this is a problem that is why they invented the "stuttering" dialtone which will work in almost all situations.

Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

Resident Expert

Yes, but, if the message indicator worked before, and probably worked for several years, I'd assume that its working correctly, personal opinion.  The only thing that's changed here is the modem. 


I wasn't implying that the Ignite Phone service is broken or defective.  My guess is that picking up the receiver is clearing the message waiting indicator that is sent to the phone.  That appears to be a separate indication from the audible tone alert.  So, this might just be a design issue, where the software designer thought that anyone who picks up the phone (with a message waiting) is doing so in order to listen to the message.  That's not the case here.  Funny thing about software design, the end users don't necessarily think like the software engineer and in many cases, use the product in a good number of ways that the engineer has never ever thought of, either in a design case, or in a test case.  Those pesky customers just don't behave like they're supposed to. 


So, this is pretty simple, @CommunityHelps should forwared a message to the Ignite TV project manager to determine exactly how the modem responds, both in the electronic message waiting output, and in the audible tone alert, when the user picks up the receiver to use the phone instead of listening to the message.  That test, and the Software requirements doc search should take about 5 to 10 minutes. 


Fwiw, we have a Home phone which uses the older phone modem.  One of the connected phones has a message waiting indicator.  If I pick up the phone and make a call, after replacing the handset on the phone, the message waiting indicator is still present, as is the audible alert if I pick up the receiver.  That approach makes sense to me, if I don't go chasing after the message, I'll see that message waiting indication.  So if the phone is used to make a call, or the receiver is accidentally knocked off of the phone, you don't lose that message waiting indication.  That's not the case with the Ignite XB6 modem, but, perhaps that's the way the code is written.


Fwiw:  Wikipedia - Message-waiting_indicator


Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

I Plan to Stick Around
I’m not saying ignite tv is Brocken it defective. What i’m Saying is something on the system must cause this problem.
They already reset my voice mais service.
This issue appears on all 4 handset.
I already took the battery out to reset handset and still have this issue.

And again I don’t have any new component in my house or outside or new line.
The only thing changed is Ignite TV . I know with ignit TB home phone plugs into the main modem so i’m Not sure if that can be the issue.
I don’t have any internet or TV issue so don’t want to replace the modem yet.

Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Obviously something changed when you switched to Ignite. I also have a 10-year old Panasonic cordless phone set (as well as another phone that indicates messages with a "light") and these work on Rogers digital service like yours did. I have not switched to Ignite like you did.


If I read you correctly, the "voicemail" indicator goes off when you use the phone and it doesn't return, but the stuttering dial tone remains after a call? (My phones have both a light and an LCD display indicating voicemail, but I realize that newer Panasonic phones did away with the light.)  Does the voicemail LCD go away if you lift the handset but don't make a call, or only if you do make a call?


Since everything (else) appears to be working (stutter, retrieving voicemail) lets concentrate on the voicemail indicator.  


Is your "base station" in the same location as it was before?  Is it as close to the modem as possible - plugged directly into the modem?  Is that cord relatively short - 6-10' say.  I assume your other handsets react in the same way as the one that's at the base station?  To me it sounds as though the signal for the "voicemail LCD) is too weak since the stutter tone remains?