Ignite TV - getting rid of call waiting

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Retired Moderator
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Re: Ignite TV - getting rid of call waiting

Hi @amandawadd


I can wholeheartedly appreciate wanting your home phone features to match your usage. The Ignite Home Phone service comes with 6 features, and each are selected when setting up the service. To my knowledge however there's no alternative option to call waiting that can be selected in lieu of it nor can the service order be completed without selecting 6 features. Apologies for the inconvenience, we will ensure our product team is aware of the request.


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Re: Ignite TV - getting rid of call waiting

I feel your pain. I have an 89 year old father and 91 year old mother who are interrupted by these call waiting blips. I purchased Ignite bundle for the Voice activated TV Remote which I figured would be excellent for seniors, but a call waiting feature that can’t be disabled while everything else is web configurable. It’s hard to believe. The software engineer who forgot to make this setting configurable should lose their job.