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Re: Ignite TV flex channels


I didn't mean to bash Rogers in any way with my last post. Bell plays the same game. Using your example of CTV SciFi, that's a Bell-owned channel... and you'll see them offer it in even their lowest-tier package. If you want a channel like Slice or Lifetime, then you'll need to get their version of "Premier".  So, saying that Bell's packages are "better built" is a matter of opinion... although my viewing habits also make Bell's channel packaging a more appealing choice for me.

It's also interesting to see what other indie TV service providers are doing as well. Some attempt to create a mid-priced bundle, that they hope will appeal to as many people as possible, in addition to a "skinny basic" and an "everything" bundle. Others start you off with a basic bundle, then you add either theme packs and/or pick 10/15/20/30/40. The indies also structure their "$10 theme packs" in such a way that you would actually want the majority of channels in that pack, not just one or two.  A lot of strategy and planning goes into building channel bundles that will appeal to customers and be profitable.


The other thing that you need to consider are the content rights that the TV service provider negotiates when they licence a channel.  Rogers, in my opinion has done a better job in this regard (e.g. with Ignite, you can usually fast forward through Restarted content, something that you cannot do with Fibe), which is good for us but that also drive up costs.


I'm still hoping that Rogers will make some changes, especially Popular to actually make it more popular.  If they do not, they could drive away customers that do not see good value (or worse, may see it as a deliberate attempt to rip them off) in how the Ignite channel bundles and options are packaged and structured.

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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

I have tried exchanging my flex channels 4 times.  Each time it has says its saved and when I go back in to view my flex channels its the old ones.  Does anyone else have the same problem?

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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

Hello @sarabi1971,


Congrats on your first post. Welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear you're having issues exchanging your Ignite TV flex channels I'd be happy to help. Did you know you can make unlimited exchanges from your flex channel poot within the first 30 days of installing your Ignite TV service, after that time you can make unlimited exchanges every 30 days?


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, click here.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Kind Regards,


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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

Technical error:  Sorry, there's a problem on our end. Thanks for your patience while we work to fix it. Please check back later. Need help now?


cant  access Flex channels... regret paying Rogers. Should of chose Bell!

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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

Hello, @adamdan1


Thank you for posting your concern in the community.


I can imagine how frustrating it has been not being able to make changes to your flex channels. I know how important it is to easily make changes to your TV subscriptions.


  • Have you ever been able to make any changes to your flex channels or has this feature not worked since you installed?
  • Have you requested to make any changes to your current TV subscriptions?
  • Are you attempting to make these changes via the MyRogers app or the rogers.com website? 

We look forward to helping you find a solution!



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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

I recently downgraded my ignite internet and tv packages, unfortunately the old packages are still being shown, I am unable to change my flex channels as they are being shown as zero channels.  I have spoken to numerous agents online and not one knows what the issue is and their only fix is for me to tell them what channel I want to swap out manually.


Who do I speak to to have this actually fixed? I find it very ridiculous that they are able to downgrade my package but not able to tell me why I cannot modify it online, its a perk I am paying for, I should be able to utilize it.


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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

Greetings @Isaak!


We really appreciate you reaching out to us with your Flex Channel swap concern! 🙂


I understand that you sent us a PM and we were able to clarify the situation and confirm that a ticket was submitted. I have every confidence that this matter will be resolved within a reasonable amount of time. 


Thank you,


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV flex channels

This has not been resolved... unfortunately I am to the point of looking at competitors for service, I am finding Rogers being extremely unreliable in their customer service as of late and I believe I deserve better.


I have spoken to multiple online chat agents, every single one shrugging their shoulders in the matter.


There comes a point where one just dusts themselves off and moves on, for better or worse.