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Re: Ignite TV flex channels


I didn't mean to bash Rogers in any way with my last post. Bell plays the same game. Using your example of CTV SciFi, that's a Bell-owned channel... and you'll see them offer it in even their lowest-tier package. If you want a channel like Slice or Lifetime, then you'll need to get their version of "Premier".  So, saying that Bell's packages are "better built" is a matter of opinion... although my viewing habits also make Bell's channel packaging a more appealing choice for me.

It's also interesting to see what other indie TV service providers are doing as well. Some attempt to create a mid-priced bundle, that they hope will appeal to as many people as possible, in addition to a "skinny basic" and an "everything" bundle. Others start you off with a basic bundle, then you add either theme packs and/or pick 10/15/20/30/40. The indies also structure their "$10 theme packs" in such a way that you would actually want the majority of channels in that pack, not just one or two.  A lot of strategy and planning goes into building channel bundles that will appeal to customers and be profitable.


The other thing that you need to consider are the content rights that the TV service provider negotiates when they licence a channel.  Rogers, in my opinion has done a better job in this regard (e.g. with Ignite, you can usually fast forward through Restarted content, something that you cannot do with Fibe), which is good for us but that also drive up costs.


I'm still hoping that Rogers will make some changes, especially Popular to actually make it more popular.  If they do not, they could drive away customers that do not see good value (or worse, may see it as a deliberate attempt to rip them off) in how the Ignite channel bundles and options are packaged and structured.