Ignite TV channels not working

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Ignite TV channels not working

Wifi works. When we turn the TV on we cannot watch any channels. Guide shows up but the channels won’t play. We can still got to the apps on the tv like Netflix and that works. But just the roger channels. We have restarted/refreshed the gateway several times. Please help

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Re: Ignite TV channels not working

Hi, @smadams1289  and welcome to the Community!


Did you happen to see any errors on the screen (e.g. something like XRE-03090) when you could not tune to an Ignite TV channel?  That error code would help to pinpoint the underlying cause.


Also, just to make sure that you are resetting components in the correct order, could you please restart your modem first (unplug power for 10 seconds, then plug it in again).  When it comes back online and the status LED turns solid white, restart your Ignite set-top box(es).  (If you have Ignite WiFi Pods, wait an additional 60 seconds after your modem comes online to allow the WiFi mesh to come back online as well before restarting your set-top boxes.)