Ignite TV channel list from website gone?

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Ignite TV channel list from website gone?

I try to access the channel list for Ignite TV ( to update my spreadsheet and personal research ), now the page redirect to the Get Ignite TV page, tried with both signed in and logged out.

https://www.rogers.com/web/consumer/ignite-bundles/channels redirect to https://www.rogers.com/web/consumer/ignite-bundles/get-iptv

Also most of the time when I try to check if my address is available I keep getting an error...

I currently don't have Ignite yet (have Digital TV right now), but I might upgrade to ignite sometime next year, after it's become available in my area, also depending on prices and discounts.


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Re: Ignite TV channel list from website gone?

Hello, @ReneHache


I know how important it is to do extensive research before making the decision to change your services to the Ignite TV platform.


I tested out the channel list on my end using the link that you provided. It did request my address information but once accepted I was able to scroll down a bit then select Channels and the channel list appears with a search option. If you are having issues at the address verification screen it could be a browser-related issue. A quick way to verify this is to try another browser, if that is not an option please clear the cookies and internet data cache from the browser you are using. 


You can also use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome or Private Browsing in FireFox/Internet Explorer/Edge to see if the same issue is persistent. 


I hope this helps!



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Re: Ignite TV channel list from website gone?

@ReneHache  It looks like Rogers has made some changes to their web site.  I now get different behaviours depending on whether or not I am signed in.


  • If I am NOT signed in (tested from a browser with History and Cookies cleared) it prompts me for my address and then allows me to view the channel list for my area.
  • If I am signed in, it does not display the channel list.  Instead, I get redirected to a page that asks whether I want to change my Internet speed or the TV package that I am subscribed to.