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Ignite TV and internet cutting out

I've been around

Hi all,
I usually don’t post on forums but I’m really frustrated. About 3 weeks ago, my Ignite TV and internet kept on cutting out as frequently as every 30 seconds. TV sound and/or picture would cut out and my internet would time out.
I have had 5 technicians in the last 3 weeks and they replaced the device twice in my closet in my condo unit and they also replaced my modem once. Replacing those devices did not solve the problem.
They also said that there is some noise coming from the lines in my condo’s cable box and they had maintenance work on it 3 times and that seem to have fixed it but the problem always comes back. I also have a friend in my building and they don’t have these issues.
This is really affecting my work as I work from home and my company’s VPN keeps on dropping because of this. Because of these issues, I am thinking on switching to Bell.



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Re: Ignite TV and internet cutting out


Good evening @Simon123,


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I can imagine how inconvenient service interruptions can be. I see you've reached out to us via @CommunityHelps, we're happy to continue assisting you through private messages. 





Re: Ignite TV and internet cutting out

I plan to stick around

ROGERS is a NOT a fair company. I am their client since 2002. The last 4 years I had Ignite 150 on my contract. Yesterday I lost connectivity, called support and they told me the issue is that I have "Legacy' internet and that "system" is outdated thus as Tech needs to come and replace my modem. Hanged off, called again, a new Tech said the issue is "wi-fi" interference. More lies. Booked a service for 2 days latter. Called FIBRESTREAM and they are installing my new service same day, 750mb up and down, 60% cheaper than Rogers. By by Rogers.

Re: Ignite TV and internet cutting out

I've been here awhile

We have had the same issue on and off for the last 2 years  finally I think we got it fixed  with a new HDMI cable from box to tv

Re: Ignite TV and internet cutting out

I've been here awhile

A new HDMI cable worked for us

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