Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

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Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

I also just set up my new 65” Samsung smart tv to my Ignite box. I was watching The Punisher on Netflix and noticed the audio and video were a split second out of sync. I unplugged my ignite box from the outlet to give it a hard restart, then fired it back up. Audio and video are now in sync. Easy fix for me, you should try this first before fiddling with the tv settings. The classic IT fix wins again, “have you tried turning it off and on?” lol

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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

Hello, @K-Banger.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Congratulations on your new Smart TV and Ignite TV! I can imagine the enriching experience with the combination. 


I appreciate your participation and sharing the classic IT fix with the Community. Did you notice the video/audio out of sync only on Netflix? 


Keep sharing the best practices!




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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

I need help!


I got the new ignite TV a couple days ago and the video and audio is out of sync almost all the time. 


My TV is less than a year old. The syncing issue is in BOTH cable and Netflix. I noticed when I turned the TV off and on, then it was fine for about 5-10 minutes then it will get out of sync which is super annoying.


I tried unplugging both my modem and ignite devices for 10 minutes. Plugged the modem in, let it boot up, then plugged in my ignite device, let it boot up and turned the tv on. Works good for about 10 minutes then boom.. out of sync again.



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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

Hey @jaimeeka!


Audio and video sync issues can certainly ruin your intended Ignite TV experience! Sync issues drive me nuts but given that it persists still after a reboot further troubleshooting would be necessary to identify the source of the issue.


I'd recommend reaching out to support for full troubleshooting but sync issues may come from signal issues to the home, noise in network, or even a poor wireless signal to the set top box.


Is this occurring on just the one Ignite TV box? Is it occurring on all channels?



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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

It's happening to all channels and anything we watch on Netflix. I guess I am calling support!

Thank you,


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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

@jaimeekaYou don't say what TV you have. My Samsung smart TV has an audio delay setting. Video uses a lot more bandwidth than audio and will lag. There is usually an audio delay by default, but it can be changed.

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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

...but he said it's fine for a period of time...


Is there a sync issue with any other devices feeding the TV?


Here's a post I created on sync issues quite a while ago, but it may provide a "checklist"




Since it's on all channels and since it's OK for a while, I also suspect something wrong with the Ignite signal - give Rogers concierge a call...