Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

Hello, @iGUB


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how annoying it is trying to enjoy a favourite program when the audio is out of sync with the video. 


If this is only happening on your laptop, can you confirm which Internet browser you are using to access your Ignite TV recordings? Do you have the same issues when playing back the recordings on your mobile device via the Android or iOS mobile App for Ignite TV?


Is there anyone else in the Community noticing a similar issue when accessing their recordings from a computer?


We look forward to your response!



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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

Unplugging the box on our TV works, but it doesn't solve the problem. We have to unplug ours at least once a day... getting very annoying!
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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

Have you gone into the video settings for the Rogers box and set it to the resolution compatible with the TV instead of at "auto"?  The "handshake" may not be working properly, so set it at 4K if you have a 4K TV or test it at 1080i.

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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

I also have this issue when connection issue startes

Starts with micro freezing... changes to long freeze and 1 sec black screen

Comes back with audio/Video out of sync


Again I hope Rogers start looking at their back end!

Please don't tell me its my hardware or lines. I had 5 tech checking everything already.

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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

Good that you have had the local part tested.
As that would be the first potential spot.. if the SIGNAL is bad, then could cause the cut out/macroblocking.

My guess would be the back end, in your area then.
(as I dont believe its global, I know I dont have those issues)

But if you were getting audio only out of sync, i would think its a separate issue though.

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Re: Ignite TV - Video/Audio Out of Sync

I myself, havent had the audio out of sync issue.. but my setting/hardware/etc may be very different though.

I am running about a 7-8 year old 1080p Samsung smart TV.  So not new by any means.
Possible that newer TVs are trying to do other types of processing?

Audio on the rogers box, is set to Auto, as well as video. 
So not completely sure that its an issue per say, at least globally with those settings.  May be more that setting and particular TVs.

But also mine is going through an AVR.  AVR on or AVR off with it just on pass through, i have not seen anything yet.