Ignite TV - Slow WiFi Speeds

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Ignite TV - Slow WiFi Speeds

500mbps ignite internet is at 30/20 wifi, >500mbps ethernet


Hey, we are on the ignite 500/20mbps ignite TV plan which was installed recently. The only problem we have is that the router is giving 30/20 wifi speeds, while Ethernet is more than 500/20 (what we are supposed to be getting). In addition, Google Wifi (not in bridge mode, yet) says it is getting the correct Ethernet speeds, but even the devices connected to Google Wifi only get about 60mbps down.

Why do you guys think this is? There are about 4 active devices, in the same room as the router. I know Ethernet is much faster than wifi, but wouldn't wifi be at least 100mbps?


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Re: Ignite TV - Slow WiFi Speeds

Hello, @forumuser201.


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. Such low speed on WiFi indicates some severe interference. Are you experiencing this issue since the beginning? 


When you say four active devices, do you mean all the devices are actively using the Internet while you check the speed?


We need to try isolating the issue. Maybe you can remove Google WiFi from the network, turn off all the devices except one and test the speed. Once confirmed the speed is good then you can add Google WiFi and other devices to the network.  




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Re: Ignite TV - Slow WiFi Speeds

Thank you for your reply. About a day after our ignite was installed, we were getting like 40/20 speeds through Ethernet AND WiFi. After the issue was escalated through Rogers, we are now here. So yeah, I've been experiencing this since the beginning.

By active I mean currently connected. Now that I'm looking at the connected devices the number is probably 5 or 6, with maybe 3 actively using the internet. I'm going to remove all other devices like you said later tommorow and get back to you by then.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Ignite TV - Slow WiFi Speeds


I know this is an old post but I just had Ignite TV installed and have the exact same situation so I was wondering if this got resolved for you? Did you find a source of interference or some other issue?

For me my wired connection is around 500 Mbps but wifi speeds are very erratic and generally slow. Standing beside the router I'm seeing 80-90 Mbps but upstairs I sometimes see 20-30. I've had the Rogers modem replaced but that did not help.

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Re: Ignite TV - Slow WiFi Speeds

@forumuser201Can you install a Wi-Fi analyzer on a smart phone to verify that you don't have multiple access points (with a strong signal) using the same channel and verify that you have good Wi-Fi coverage in your home?  I use Apple's "AirPort Utility" on my iPhone and enabled the "Wi-Fi Scanner" option in settings.  Also try disconnecting your test device from Wi-Fi and reconnecting, just to make sure that you are connected to an access point with the strongest signal... and then re-run the speed test.  It's possible that your wireless device might be connected to a more distant node in your mesh (and has a lower attainable speed as a result) but still has a strong enough signal that it remains connected.