Ignite TV - Several Issues

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Ok, how would this work, it enables it where tough?

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 11

Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Although Ignite TV has made huge strides forwards since May 2019, here are observations from the past 60 hours of service:



  • The new Ignite TV overall material feel is one of THE BEST I have even seen, including the backlight…But the functionality is poor- the flat, key-less middle portion requiring 9.3 lbs psi (measured, yes that high) picture of the affected region, x9 higher than conventional buttons on the same remote, they need barely 1. the central buttons, Arrows, left Right etc back, have been placed under a thick membrane, presumably to reduce greasy fingerprint issues. Only explanation as it makes no sense However, in terms of functionality, the technician started with and apology handing me the two remotes: "These remotes are garbage, Sorry sir" said the technician.
  • No FFWD 30s option. Or -10 -15s backwards.. In addition to the <<<  >>>>/ 6 clicks to bypass commercials with Bell and other providers. Not Ignite TV. You need to spend time scrolling Fwd, missing the marc, going back then back to program resume. the absence of a 30s ff. What this means that instead of 1 or 2 clicks to skip 1 min of commercials, or movie scene, I end up with 6-8 inputs of >>> Stop <<< >>>> Stop >>. And the image as we see is not where the Play resumes, it is a +10s from what we see. The >>> and << overshooting is time consuming. I also asked the rogers Community Forum, and I was replied to
  • Very nice reply from the Rogers Community replied to me “ 1) Press the voice button and say "fast forward 30 seconds". S 2) press the page up button once Or even better: press the voice button and say " fast forward 3 minutes” Easy a 1.2.3 Except that…
  • …The Voice recognition of the Remote does not work. 1/5 to 1/10 attempts. Sometimes the TV sound- which by all means I do not keep loud- may interfere with the remote. Or it is simply not.. smart. I may say TSN and it is “Looking for GSN” “GSM” and other internet searches


  • The “My Free HD Channel” grouping does not work, it still groups channels that I do not have access to
  • No Channel Preview, or PIP for current channel. OK, so with other providers one ca do << or -10s and see, while navigating in the guide, what was missed. Not with Ignite TV>: you loose the main image, and no preview for other channels is available. Consequently I end up on channels, waiting for the refresh only to see “Subscribe” or something. With a Live Preview I would be enabled to not even have to go to that channel. And if I do not have it, why should I see it?
  • No Guide customization. If I do not like Stingray, I should remove them. Since the remote does not work well to start with, Up or Down, navigating across countless channels that I do not have makes no sense.

 IMAGE- would rate it as Excellent. Better than Bell’s standard, but tied or marginally better than Bell's 4k PVR which I also have (barely if perceptible on some channels, with Bell superior on others such as CBC/CNN) which i am running in parallel. Definitely more Ignite TV pixelation for live sports channels than Fibe TV.


  • Too many errors
  • Does not permit remote viewing. “at home or on the road” could mean airport, Germany etc. It keeps asking for Location enabled, which would drain and overheat any device, tablet or iphone. I simulated a location in Germany USA, etc, does not work.
  • Fibe TV does not permit remote viewing for all channels (e.g. Crave), but most e.g. CBC work anywhere. All recordings can be played anywhere without Location enabled. This IgniteTV is a major app hurdle. And there are countries where I may not want to enable location as the tablet then changes search languages etc etc.
  • But let us remove Bell from the equation, this implementation is poor even if compared with other providers such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, AppleTV etc. I am wondering if whomever tested this for Rogers ever used another service, the competition, to see how it would feel to the customer, us.



  • 1 hour spent with tech support seeking alternatives such as the remote with actual silver, actuated buttons. I was also told that you cannot restart a program
  • 1 hr chasing the alternate remote calling stores
  • 1 hour again with tech support, a technician telling me that the flat remote is not replaceable with the silver keys
  • 1 hour trying to fiddle with my remote, and discover that Content does Restart once you see the symbol in Guide and press > button Restart does work
  • 1 hour trying to figure out why i could not log in my rogers account. NP= Rogers created me another account parallel to my cell phone one..
  • 1 hour calling to de-conflict these; be told that ONLY CHAT can de-conflict these two accounts. watched chat notify of long waits, widow refreshed and a new robochat wait time started. I gave up at the 1 hr mark.
  • 0.5 hr last call last evening, being told that after all, the silver arrow remote might work
  • Ad hoc technical service: I was told having a tech service today, all day, and prompted by App to check for updates. NOT MISS A CALL OR IT IS CANCELLED?? So to my surprise whan I called Rogers, it was booked on the… 13th November!

Customer service is definitely superior to Bell, but in this case, technical support does not even know ignite TV functions. 7+ hours in 48 hours (7 PM 6 nov to 7 PM 8 nov), and I am done. Other responsibilities tie up my time as well, do not have time to wait forever on chat to ensure having one account for everything. In the end I found myself connecting the HSMI back to bell, where everything was smoother faster and more efficient.


 Overall? Promising, quite a lot, but meanwhile I stick with the Bell Fibe and its 500$ higher annual rate. Presently,  IgnoTV feels like 10 years backward, and cancelled half an hour ago. I will be checking for further developments, but I cancelled earlier today





Capture 2.JPG9.3 lbs PSI needed to activate this part1.JPGThe App, oh the AppCapture 3.JPGGuess it ain't working in Germany or Africa

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

@Belisarius wrote:

Ok, how would this work, it enables it where tough?

I'll try you help you with this one last time.  One of your criticisms about Ignite TV was:

No FFWD 30s option. Or -10 -15s backwards

That's not entirely true.  With Ignite TV:

  • the "Pg Up" key normally skips ahead 5 minutes
  • and the "Pg Down" key normally key skips backwards 5 minutes

You CAN change this.  Tune to a TV channel and key in: "Exit  Exit  Exit  0  0  3  0"

(You'll probably see "0030" in the tune/search panel.  Press Exit again.)


After you have done this, when watching content

  • pressing the "Pg Up" key will now skip ahead 30 seconds
  • and pressing the  "Pg Down" key will now skip backwards 15 seconds

just like you wanted.



(To return to the normal/default behaviour, key in: "Exit  Exit  Exit  0  5  0  0")

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 262

Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

One other thing: many of Ignite TV's magic key sequences require that you press-and-hold Exit for a few seconds.  However, when keying in


Exit  Exit  Exit  0  0  3  0

to activate the "30-second skip-ahead" feature, do NOT press-and-hold Exit.