Ignite TV - Several Issues

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Hey @Sedricksmith and @slick1!


Sorry to hear you're having issues with your Ignite TV! Intermittent sound and freezing issues can be incredibly irritating and certainly not the intended Ignite TV experience.


Quality and sound issues are typically caused by either poor wireless connectivity or RF level issues. I would recommend reaching out to support or us here @CommunityHelps for assistance at your convenience so we can review your signal levels and wireless RSSI values.



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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I had this installed on Sept 3/2019. Nothing but issues. I have already had a tech out 3 times replacing equipment. It looks like this stuff is refurbished. Probably from the states. I highly recommend not switching to Ignite. Stay with old fashion co-axial. 

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Stuff shouldnt be refurbished.. these are pretty much the newest boxes, same ones that the US is just using now (they actually use and support the older model ones of the same line).
Its possible that they are ones that were to be setup in someone elses place, taken back and then redistributed.
But ANY/ALL boxes on coax now, will be 'refurbished'/re distributed, there is no new ones anymore.

All in all.. its not the EQUIPMENT that I have found being the problem.
Its the signal.  Both the internet signal, as well as the wifi signal.  And this seems to be the part that the techs are not concentrating on.
I have had it since launch.. and outside the global recording issue  a way back, i dont experience any of the issues that most people with issues have.
BUT, i have had them tweek the signal to the  house that its pretty close to perfect.. and the wifi (using their erro wifi pods) is really good.

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Had Igniite installed Aug 24/2019 and am so disappointed I want to scream.  I had regular cable before and am going to get it back.  The ignite worked for about a week before problems started with picture freeze with sound, then no sound  but  normal running picture. Then the screen went black for a few and then the message about a problem they will try and fix but be sure the gateway is o k. So far the ignite has been the gateway to . . Talked to Rogers on  line and we seemed to have fixed the problem only to have it happen again a few days later. called Rogers again and they sent out a Tech who set up his computer and couldn't find a problem but switched out the modem. Sept. 16 t v doing the same thing,  internet keeps dropping as do some of my phone calls. I'm done give me back my cable.

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I'm running into some issues with Ignite as well.   When watching RDS the other night, the screen would go black and the audio cut out for a few seconds at a time.   This occurred multiple times during the broadcast, I would say every 5 to 10 minutes.   Then last night watching SportsNet, the audio would cut out for a few seconds though the image remained ok.  This also happened every 5 to 10 minutes throughout the game.   In both cases, I was watching a live broadcast  (hockey game).   This typically does not happen when watching pre-recorded network shows.


I doubt this is a wireless issue as the box is hardwired to the router, and the TV is connected via HDMI to the box.

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Watching recorded shows lately and they have been very bad streaming, pixelization and black outs.
Was watching AGT recorded Tuesday evening and it was very very bad pixelization. Almost unwatchable.
Get blackouts like described for a few seconds audio and video gone when watching live TV.