Ignite TV - Several Issues

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

That’s it!! Can’t freaking play the hockey game on PVR. Just an error saying it can’t be played now. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS!?!?

Watched another program just before on PVR and it was SD quality for most of it which has become the norm when watching PVR playback and is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for this to be happening still after MONTHS of people reporting and having the same issues.

Ignite TV is a joke, supposed to be the greatest thing but I have to rearrange my schedule to make sure I’m home when the hockey/basketball game starts so I can watch it live (live tv doesn’t have issues). Definitely not making my life easier.

Anyone considering switching to Ignite TV DO NOT GET IGNITE TV no matter what anyone says... YOU WILL REGRET SWITCHING... issues for months and Rogers hasn’t done a single thing to fix it. PVR playback is a joke during prime time. If you can’t handle the load on your backend, stop signing people up and figure it out!

I don’t want a Rogers rep to post the same cookie cutter post “oh sorry, I would also be frustrated blah blah”. I want ACTION!!!! Completely fed up, end rant.

Edit: managed to get the game to play for 2 mins... it was like I was watching stop motion hockey (Wallace and Gromit quality). Then it just quit.
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I agree with Hutz.  I had quit Ignite TV and went back to just a modem and streaming.  But days of staring at all the ignite TV boxes and modem sitting on my fireplace, while waiting for the boxes to arrive, I decided to try it one more time.  Doh.   (You can't take Ignite Equipment back to the store.  You must use their UPS shipping boxes)   When I signed up again I was told that they had had major issues in my area that were now fixed.  I also had to wait 24 hours for them to flip the switch. Not instant activation like digital tv.  Anyway, the nighttime issues are still there.  First, in the 2nd period my son who watched the game downstairs lost his picture.  It was showing that he needed a CBC subscription to watch the game.  I powered down his box and then it worked.  Next, with 3 minutes left in the game, my TV box (6" from the modem and hardwired)  had the picture freeze, then go black, then work with no sound, then freeze again with only the sound working, then revert to 480p quality.  By then the game was over and while I hated the final score all I can think of is how bad the TV picture was. I looked at how many shows I was recording to see if this was the issue.  The only show being recorded was the Leafs!  I then tried to watch another recorded show and it won't even start. So I switched on Netflix on my Smart TV app.  I didn't have faith the Rogers box would work. I don't understand how a Billion dollar company can have poorer TV quality than a $15/month IPTV provider from some country halfway around the world.  

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I'm pretty sure that Rogers knows what the problem is with the Ignite PVR system, however I don't know why they are not fixing it.  I have been a user for 6 months, and although the system has got better, there are still problems that can be extremely frustrating when watching a show that you have been really looking forward to.


My recent scenario, has been very predictable which states very clearly where the problem lies.  During the last two leaf games, I was watching a PVR recording of a different show while keeping my eye on the score.  The system was perfect !  I could even fast fwd with no problems.  As soon as both games came to an end, my PVR system went into the dump creating an environment of unwatchable TV for about an hour.  I'm pretty sure that most people watch the hockey games live, and when the games ends they switch to a PVR recording that bogs down the PVR file servers.  More than likely these PVR servers are kept in different locations throughout Rogers viewing areas which tells why some people have fewer problems than others.  I'm pretty sure that they have beefed up their servers in my area because my system has got much better over the last 6 months, however still not perfect like their old broadcasting system.


So why does Rogers still advertise, sell, and install Ignite TV while they know what their problem is ?  Your guess is as good as mine.  One thing that I do find interesting is that Rogers has never had a single issue with their automatic billing system.  They have never been late with billing me as a customer.


By the way, I have complained to many people in the past from ground level to the presidents office, including other government agencies and Marketplace on CBC.  Not sure that the complaining helped, but my system did get better.  I'm just still waiting for it to get as good as my old Rogers TV system was.  I hope my comments helps to relieve the pain that many viewers are having with the unjustifiable problems that they are having.

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

 "I have complained to many people in the past from ground level to the president's office, including other government agencies and Marketplace on CBC.  Not sure that the complaining helped, but my system did get better."


That's all I have to do to get a good Ignite TV service from Rogers?  Lol      

I don't know why Bell isn't jumping all over this. If they could bump their internet speed from 50 -150 in older neighborhoods they would own TV.  They probably have a handshake deal with Rogers or something.  I know its only TV but if my car was this unreliable I would be looking to trade it in.


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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Bell's issue is infrastructure.
Yeah, bell can offer faster speeds in areas where they are able to do direct fiber.

But as it is right now, most areas are just basically covered by the most basic phone line bases systems.
Yes is some places, this can allow Fibe, which can offer a decent speed.
But again, can be very limited.
Vs with rogers, most of theirs is pretty even across the board with the infrastructure.

EG: I live in georgina (opposite side of the lake from barrie).
Rogers, I am able to get up to 1gbps service, through the existing infrastructure.
Bell.. only offers Fibe to ONE subdivision in the town.  Everywhere else, is out of the more advanced infrastructure reach.  What are their options? 5mbps DSL.

In some cases, rogers is the ONLY (decent) option. 😞

Playback last night was pretty bad, around 8:30 onward for me.
But my wife was watching stuff earlier in the day.. and was perfectly fine.

I really think this is just a CHOKE type issue.  Almost always seems to have the bigest issues when the prime time is on of many people watching.
The connection to these playback servers.. must be having issues under heavy load.  Or the servers just arent able to handle the load.

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

@MonCheri wrote:
I mostly PVR my shows because of my work hours. I've noticed problems since switching to Ignite.
-Fast forward option: Program freezes, then jumps ahead, way past the spot where you want to stop at. Even if you only have to on 2x ff. When you press ff, the screen freezes, then goes to fast forward, then freezes, and then jumps way ahead.
-The sound cuts in and out, as well as the picture sometimes.
- The picture quality decreases, then goes back to normal
- TV shows lag.
I'm frustrated, and it's making me think real hard about switching to Bell.

Rogers Ignite has been in our home for about a month (switched from Bell Fibe (FTTH) but have recurring problems with random lost TV connection for a minute or two and random dropped WiFi.  It usually resets itself before I can reboot the modem.  Tech Support says they are aware of some issues with Ignite and are "working on it"!!  I really find the PVR frustrating though... fast forward, it's useless as you cannot tell where to stop or pinpoint the point to return to normal speed.  There's also the issue with setting recordings as several channels for the same show will record and relying on the "new" data will typically record reruns as well.  


I'm very pleased with 1Gb Internet speeds and the UHD/HD TV picture quality is excellent.  It's only the few features/quirks that are spoiling the experience.  

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Just switched from Digital TV to Ignite TV.  What a change ..... I was getting a better service with DigitaL.  I thought Ignite Tv was a better product with new technology and so on....  But  Rogers Ignite  TV is a  frustrating technology.

Was watching the hockey games...  then lost connection everyday  and have recurring problems with random lost TV connection for a 4-6 minutes  and random dropped of the  WiFi.  It usually resets itself before I can reboot the modem or call  Tech Support Concierge.  I wonder if my invoice will reflect all the down time lost ?   Time will tell...   

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I've had Ignite since Mid Feb and have had issues since. No TV all day now! What's going on?
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

My god this service sucks! Thank goodness I have no contract. I've had Ignite for under 1 week and had more issues than I had in 2 years with my previous Rogers Digital service or Bell Fibe before that. I'm having it pulled out of here asap. It's remarkable to me that a cable service that is so obviously flawed in so many ways ever got launched in the first place

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

We too have the same issues with no resolution really starting to regret the switch