Ignite TV - Several Issues

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I've Been Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Having the same problems but at 90% of the time. It’s literally unwatchable. I’ve had techs come to the house multiple Times. They told me I needed the eero web net to help and it did nothing. Every time I call now they just offer me a discount. I don’t want a discount, I want a working tv service. We are gonna keep the Rogers home monitoring but we are getting rid of the internet and tv service and see if bell fibe works better.
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Hey @Marigoldz1,


It's incredibly disheartening to hear you're having such a negative experience with Ignite :(. This is by no means the intended experience. What you're experiencing is typically caused by either an RF signal issue or a WiFi connectivity issue to the stb(s). 


Send us a PM @CommunityHelps and we'll find out what's going on for you. No need to explain the issue as we'll know what to look for. For more information on our Private Messaging system you can check our our Blog!



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Aahh yes, the "3 dots from . "...


We, as have many others, have seen our Ignite tv service degrade substantially since installation.  Selecting or changing channels will often give us the "3 dots from . " for up to 90 seconds or more.  The problem worsens considerably at peak usage times on days and evenings.


We have a very simple setup and no identifiable signal quality problems.  This appears to be a Rogers bandwidth problem.


It is ironic that this supposed new technology can't handle such a basic function as connecting to/ changing a channel without a substantial time lag.  We were able to do that quickly 25 years ago on a digital network and 60 years ago by turning the dial on an old 3 station tv set.


Get your act together Rogers....



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I had Bell Fibe a few years ago.  Here is my opinion:


1) The internet speed was only 50 Mbps in my neighborhood.  Which meant you could only record 2 shows at once and needed Time shifting.  However, if you live in a neighborhood with the ftth speed of 1 GB+, I read you can now record up to 8 shows! 

2) Like Rogers Ignite, if the internet cuts out, then the live TV didn't work. However my recorded shows on the pvr worked. Over a year and a half, the internet cut out 3-4x for a few hours. I switched to Digital TV with the whole home so this wouldn't happen again.  Until I switched to Ignite that is..lol.

3) This is a petty complaint.  The HD channels didn't start until I think 1100?  I prefer my channels to be single or double-digit.  

4) The picture quality and Wifi coverage are really good.  I had no lag issues with my 2 moveable tv boxes.

5) The remote can FF 30 seconds at a time which was awesome for commercials. However, you can only control the TV and the cable box with it.  No other devices.

6) You can go back 30 hours and catch up on shows you might have missed.

7) Like Ignite TV you can look 14 days ahead to record shows.


Looking back, I guess Bell was pretty decent.  But if Rogers can fix their issues then I think Ignite TV is better as it has more features.  Having said that, Rogers is on the clock.  If they cannot fix these ongoing issues quickly I am guessing many people will switch to something like Apple TV+ in the fall when it comes out.  








Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I am not trying to say that there are not problems..

But lots of the regular stuff.. I think may still be localized.  Be that to the persons house, or something more localized to say that the particular street, city, area etc has issues with it. (something at the node)


I still have the same recording playback stuff that others do.
But I havent really experienced any of the other issues that others have.    

I am able to change channels, maybe the max I have seen is 3 seconds to re tune to a new channel?  Usually less that that.   On regular viewing, I have not noticed any quality issues, etc.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Hey. Same issues here. Non stop “buffering” and pausing on any 4K channels. Had both tv boxes replaced , 3 service calls. All I’ve ever told is to unplug and reset the modem and tv boxes. Total disappointment for 170 a month. Bell Fibe is looking better and better.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Worst part is the 20 second pauses during playoff hockey on the 4K SN channel. Simply brutal.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Same fast forwarding problems as usual last night. But a new irritating issue cropped up last night also. Lost 3:20 of the Leafs game last night. Picture went totally black, then came back on, then off again numerous times with picture quality degrading worse and worse till it was unwatchable. Absolutely unacceptable. Wife went to watch American Idol after the game, and fast forwarding issues made that show useless to try to watch. Picture quality on this show was SD quality in spots also, pixelated, washed out etc. Going to waste my time again today and call tech support again, and my concierge today and complain again.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I was told by concierge last night that there is nothing they can do!!

Go call support...

And support asking you to reboot the modem!

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

We're experiencing the same problems with ignite. If they continue we will switch back to cable or switch to Bell Fibe.
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