Ignite TV - Several Issues

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I’m having the same issues as well. Have had it for about a month, live tv works well but try watching a recorded show from the PVR function during prime time 7 - 11pm and it is just unwatchable! Resolution is worse than my old Motorola Razr flip phone, audio and picture dropping or just a message saying there’s a problem playing your recording... then takes me to an on demand version where we can fast forward commercials! Totallly defeats the purpose.

I’m paying for a premium service and getting worse than what I upgraded from! Called tech support, say they’re going to upgrade the firmware to my Ignite modem... well that’s been a week and a half since that ticket was created and when I call for a status update they just say it’s still in progress. How long does it take to push a firmware update to my device!

Do NOT get Ignite TV! Way too many issues, it shouldn’t be such a hassle to try and watch a recorded program. Thinking of just cancelling all my services as it’s just not worth it.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

I have the same issues that everyone seems to be reporting.  My main concern is my PVR shows. They are so difficult to watch after 8 PM.  Can't FF properly as it just hangs with 3 dots then puts me way ahead.  The picture quality goes back and forth between SD and HD every 10-15 seconds.  I tried the VOD and they do the same things. I powered down the modem and boxes but I think It's a server issue as my wireless devices are pulling in 150+ Mbps.  I don't think the servers can handle the load in Primetime. The only way to watch perfect picture quality and Rewind/FF is to watch live TV with commercials.  I usually record the Leafs for half an hour before I watch the game so I can FF through commercials and the amazing linesmen who never drop the puck.  I will give it some more time but so far it's a step back from the "old" digital 4k box I used to have.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

We have been have the same issues lately. Seems to have started 3~4 weeks ago and getting worst. Fast forwarding with the >> button is very unreliable, quality degrades to standard broadcast ... not HD, then returns, audio dropouts.


Seems to start around 8pm and returns to normal around 10pm. This seems like a cloud PVR capacity. With 8pm to 10pm being the prime watching time for PVR/OnDemand, it appears that Rogers server capacity cannot keep up with the amount of requests for service. When the capacity is exceeded, it will, like Netflix, drop the quality of signal to maintain a poorer picture. That with the FF requirements of recorded TV, must be putting a really big stress on the Rogers infrastructure.


Has Ignite been too successful?? ... Rogers needs to expand the Ignite Cloud capacity.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

If this is bad now, whats going to happen next year when Rogers will only offer the Ignite TV service?

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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Good morning Community! 


In order to help us along towards finding a solution to this PVR playback issue, we need your help! Please PM us @CommunityHelps if you're experiencing this issue so that we can escalate tickets to look into this matter.


As an avid TV watcher that really likes his PVR, I know playback issues are frustrating. Having choppy playback sour a punchline is just the worst. I just want everyone to know that relief is in sight!


If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




I've Been Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

PVR/Cloud playback between 8pm and 11pm is horrendous. freeze ups, audio cut-outs, FF not working properly.

Tech support has to stop blaming the modem firmware when trying to troubleshoot.

Rogers, please acknowledge the cloud playback issue in the evenings due to capacity and fix the issue.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

Funny thing today is that I received an email from Rogers telling me that my problem is fixed and they closed my case.  First time I tried to fast fwd PVR system froze and then jumped terribly.  Picture has also froze 3 times in my first 15 minutes of viewing.  Personally I don't trust a word from any Rogers employees from the presidents office down.  I am just learning work arounds for my PVR problems that I have had for over 3 months.  Pretty sad situation to say the least.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

We moved from Cable to Ignite a couple months ago. The problems reported are not unique. They are pervasive. @j2pc et al. have clearly articulated the issues. Houston?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues

We moved from cable to IgniteTV a couple months ago as well.  I have called tech support several times and made to believe that I am the only person that is having problems.  I'm experiencing the same problems that everyone else seems to be experiencing....picture freezing, sound cutting in and out (not limited to PVR only), and  problems watching shows from the PVR. The solution is usually to unplug the cable box.  I've been told that this is a new system and they're working the bugs out...ugh!!  Why roll out a system that is not fully tested and why am I paying more for a system that is soooo glitchy!!!   I asked about going back to cable and was told that I could but I would have to pay full price for phone, internet and tv...no deals, my phone number is now associated with IgniteTV and my email address would no longer be valid.  This was the worst decision I've ever made....and to top it off, we're paying more money for service that is less than poor quality.  I'm considering cancelling my service altogether.  I don't think we should be paying for substandard service!!!

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Ignite TV - Several Issues


It's now 81 hours since opening the Tech Support ticket for the Ignite Image Quality issues, I have still not heard a response.  Here's what I've painfully learned from this initial experience converting to Ignite TV, Internet, and Telephone.


Ignite TV Image Quality, Image Lag, Sound cutout, and PVR Playback, are all issues associated with a LARGER ticket (stated by Tech Support) that is still being worked on.  A fix is coming, but no release date available yet...

Ignite TV works ok in the morning, and declines throughout the day.  The best reference test I have found is using CP24 channel.  The stock ticker banner at the bottom of screen with the white background and black letters.  The letters now have a ghosting or shadow appearance as they move. 


Ignite Internet, the new router uses a format with IP address 10.0.0.xx.  This was not explained during the install and took several hours with Rogers and HP tech support to learn it was a simple fix.


Ignite Telephone, requires a phone to be hard wire connected to the Router.  The Main Base for the wireless phone used in our house had to be moved to where the Router is behind the TV in another room.  The phone jacks throughout the house do not work now with Ignite telephone, and the location where we need to keep the base is not practical with our house layout. 


I hope that Rogers Tech Support will be able to resolve the TV issues quickly before this long-time loyal customer decides on an alternative.

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