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Ignite TV Screen Saver

I've Been Here Awhile

Is there a way to turn it off? I like to wake up with the TV on.
Also, when I turn on my tv it always displays the screen saver, I have to press the Rogers button for the TV to come on.


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Re: Ignite TV Screen Saver

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@mascf1 wrote:

Then Rogers and all other providers using X1 should be demanding this feature improvement from Comcast!  It’s absolutely ridiculous not to have an option to disable the screen saver when everyone on every service using it complains about it!

FYI, here's a thread in Comcast's support forum:


Rogers can open a support ticket with Comcast but if that ticket gets closed as "Invalid" or "Won't fix", there is not a whole lot that they can do.  I also have no idea whether Rogers is even interested in making this change let alone escalating it.

Re: Ignite TV Screen Saver

I Plan to Stick Around

My point is if all providers using X1 demand this the more likely it is to happen. The more squeaky wheels the better!

Re: Ignite TV Screen Saver

I've Been Here Awhile

I Take care of an elderly person with dementia and was basically forced to upgrade to ignite TV and was told I cant go back to digital TV. And with no option to disable screen saver because she likes to sleep with TV on cp24 and wake watching it. I have to wake the box up every 5 hours even when I'm trying to sleep because they cant do it her self it is causing a lot of stress and doesn't help with someone who lives with depression.

I phoned tech support and they didn't have a clue what to do and told me to email complaint department they may be able to help me when i got an email back i was told to contact tech service.

i have been with rogers over 43 years and rogers not giving anymore loyalty discount  my bill went up 45 dollars more then before with less channels this is ridiculous. Pleas sign my petition so that rogers may help so that i don't have to switch providers at least other providers offers their TV so you can use your own android box rogers forces you to use their awful ignite box.


Re: Ignite TV Screen Saver

All IPTV services (Rogers, Bell, and definitely all TPIA BDUs (Start/Teksavvy/VMedia/EBOX) that pay CBB fees) will drop the network stream after a period of inactivity so that a set-top box will not consume bandwidth endlessly.


I know that this is a source of frustration for some people but that is the way that most TV services work these days.  The only alternative is to switch back to a traditional TV service, such as the Rogers Starter Package (for as long as it is still available in Digital TV form) or a Satellite service.

Re: Ignite TV Screen Saver

I've Been Here Awhile
Bell doesn't. I've had it, it never, ever timed out in any way.