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Ignite TV Remote - RF Emissions

I'm Here A Lot

I have a few questions regarding the XR15 remote:


1) Does it connect to the TV box via a direct RF signal or through wifi?

2) Is it constantly sending a RF signal?

3) Does it only send a RF signal when you press a button?


I realize that the RF functionality can be turned off, reverting to an IR signal. However, the IR path to the TV box is quite narrow and frustrating to deal with.



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Re: Ignite TV Remote - RF Emissions

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@mike881881881  If I am not mistaken, the XR15 remote communicates with the Xi6 set-top box using RF4CE.  This is essentially a network protocol so, at the very least, there will be regular "heartbeat" traffic exchanged between paired devices.  There will (obviously) also be additional traffic associated with button presses and when issuing voice commands.  The set-top box can also update the remote's firmware.

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