Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

Has anybody had any success programming the Rogers ignite tv remote to control the volume and on off on the Bose Soundlink Audio system.I have tried all 8 codes published and none of them work.



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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

Hey @Genec!


Being able to manage your TV settings from one remote control is definitely ideal!


If you have already followed the instructions to set up your Bose Soundlink Audio System and also tried all of the available codes and it's still not working, then the option to sync it may not be available at this time. 😕


As per 57's suggestion, were you able to have a friend or family member give it a look to see if something was missed in the set-up? Sometimes, a second pair of eyes can do wonders!


If anyone else in the Community has had a similar experience and was able to find a workaround, please feel free to chime in!



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

I'm having the same issue about the lack of instructions on how to set volume lock.  I have a TV and Audio device and volume lock is set to control the audio device. But in my case I'd rather control TV volume.  But as stated here, there are no instructions about how to change which device the volume locks to.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

@jimtasker : There doesn't appear to be a "volume lock" option like there is on the 1056 (older) digital TV remotes.  However, why would you want to control the TV volume if you have an audio device?


The only workaround I could think of would be to delete the audio device and the remote would revert to the TV volume control.  I'm not sure how that's done with this remote, but perhaps there is a "start over/reset to factory" and the audio device would no longer be in the loop.  Obviously, you'd have to turn the audio device on/off manually, unless that device has HDMI-CEC in which case it may turn on/off as soon as it detects a signal. What is the exact make/model of the audio device and how do you have all your devices connected - full details please?


Perhaps if you simply start the Setup process with "add new TV", then the audio code will be deleted. Here's the link for the remote, click on setup:



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

The reason is that I have a Vizio sound bar and Vizio tv.  Volume control on the soundbar is not nice: one click increases or decreases volume in big increments.  If I control volume on the TV instead I get smaller increments so can find the volume I like.


I resolved it by removing the sound bar completely from the remote.  It turns on automatically when the TV turns on so now volume controls the tv and I'm happy.  I guess the remote has no options: if you have an audio device then that is what the volume will control.


Voice command is nice, but would still like more control over things like we had with older remotes!

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

I had immediate success with getting my Bose Module (10 years old) to follow on/off/volume controls using this method. 


However, it initially decoupled the TV, which stayed on no matter what.  


I selected an alternate code, which fully resolved things.  If any other users are struggling, I advise try several codes.



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Re: Ignite TV Remote - Programming Bose Audio System

Good morning and welcome to our Community, @phrip!


Thank you for sharing your experience and providing tips. I'm certain that other customers with a similar setup will greatly appreciate this information.




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