Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

@Bplayer wrote: ...However, there is the issue of no sound from the centre channel...

The lower volume may be because the recordings on Ignite are what I call "improperly encoded DD5.1" which only sends the LF & RF speaker signals, thereby only the LF & RF speakers are "active" on recordings, reducing the volume and, of course, not providing any surround sound either. This assumes certain settings in the Rogers Audio menu. 


The "workaround" is to set the audio in the Rogers Ignite box to "other", or whatever the appropriate name is called (I don't have IgniteTV), rather than DD or Expert...  This will then send PCM to the AVR and the AVR can decode that using DPLII (or similar) to surround sound, which will then make the centre and surround speakers active.  This has been happening for over a year and has been discussed in various threads on this forum.  






As an aside, Rogers seems to be having problems with various channels having different volume levels. They are aware of this issue, however, they haven't solved it yet even though it's been happening for months.  The different volume between recordings and live/OD may be related, but may have more to do with simply different audio delivery methods as I explained in the first paragraph.