Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

Here are a few examples where I experienced the sound problem I described earlier. I can play from anywhere in the recording, I get maybe 5 seconds of sound, then none. All these are playing back on my TV.
- Instinct S2Ep1 recorded on WWJ June 30th 9-10pm.
- Instinct S2Ep2 recorded on WWJ July 7th 9-10pm.
- Instinct S2Ep3 recorded on WWJ July 14th 9-10pm.
Tried playing these back on July 17th, 18th, 19th. No joy.
- Live Rescue S1Ep11 recorded on A&E July 18th 9-11pm.
Experienced the sound problem repeatedly today.
- Death Row Stories S4 Ep1 recorded on HLN July 19th 5-6pm.
Tried playing back today (July 19th), there's no sound at all.
FYI, here are some recordings that are playing back today with no sound problem.
- Mayday S19Ep7 recorded on Discovery July 17th 9-10pm.
- North Woods Law S4Ep9 recorded on Discovery July 13th 8-9pm.
- The InBetween S1Ep2 recorded on WDIV June 5th 10-11pm.
*** NOTE ***
Just before I posted this, I thought I would try playing back one of the problem shows in the app on my iPad. It plays fine, no sound problem.
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

Since the sound is there when you "play again" and since it's working on the other devices, I suspect a weak/poor/borderline signal to the TV boxes.  If the issue were on the Rogers server, then the audio portion would be missing when you FF, replay, etc.  Many issues are related to signal problems and certain channels can be affected more than others....  See the following thread on the topic:




Call Rogers and have them check the signal at your box/home/neighbourhood. They can do this remotely.  The above link doesn't contain a method to check the signal yourself on IgniteTV, but perhaps someone here has that information, which I can then include in the link.  Hope that helps.

I've Been Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

Well, I've been on Ignite for more than 6 months now. There have been many "glitches" since I transferred over. Most of the video issues have settled, but now the audio goes out frequently mostly during playback of recorded programs, but has now extended to live tv. I was listening to a Stingray Music channel one day when it completely went out. I switched to another channel which was fine. I kept checking the old one but it wasn't until the next day until audio was restored on that channel. I have been frustrated with many issues I've had with Ignite. I had less problems with my Nextbox. I get there will be a few issues with a new product, but this has been much more than a few. Test a service more before releasing it.

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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

How is the signal on your box.  
How far from the wireless, etc.
I wonder if that may be part of the issue?

I have had days where mine has run for a good like 8+ hours straight with no audio issues at all.
But mine is also like 5 ft away from one of the wireless pods installed.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

I had a new behaviour... big brother Sunday night the recording volume was extremely low. Starting to wonder if the cases before where i thought there was no audio was just extremely low volume.

For example, on my soundbar I normally listen with a level of 10-15... to hear the audio for this recording at the same level it needed to be turned up to 30.  The described audio = on workaround didn't work for this recording.

This box is wired, not a wifi problem... no problems with live TV and only see audio problems on <5% of PVR recordings.  Also no issues with the video for TV or PVR.  Just PVR audio... 

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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

Hello @bcrownz,


We're sorry to hear that your Sunday recording of Big Brother is experiencing some volume issues, that is definitely not ideal. If you haven't already done so, please try watching it On Demand and the sound quality should be okay there. 😉


There may be some other instances of customer's who have run into a similar issue with their recordings as well. If possible, we'd like to gather as much information about your incident as we can so we may submit a ticket for further investigation!


Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps to get started. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you!

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

I also have similar issues. Just yesterday: we have recorded So you think you can dance on July 29 at 9pm on channel 28 and tried to watch the recording yesterday July 30th. The issue we had was that suddenly while watching, there was no image and sound. We tried to stop, restart, resume but that this not correct the problem. We would move forward until image and sound would reappear and the “blackout” would happen again. This happened several time... in fact we couldn’t see the end of the show!

Should we call Rogers and ask that they check our signal?

Thank you
I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

Good Morning,


I have notice in the last few weeks the volume of shows is different when listening to a recorded version rather than live.


I normally have my volume on my AV receiver set at about 31-32 for live shows. But lately have noticed if I watch recorded shows I need to turn the volume up significantly to 46-52 range.


Number are for relative only just to emphasize how much I need to turn it up when watching recorded shows


I am using a Denon AV receivers. Just checking is anybody else have noticed this volume problem.





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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

Hello, @va04580 & @Biollw.


Thank you for joining this conversation; degraded audio/video can impede the TV experience. As a temporary workaround, please try On Demand for the affected recordings.


We would like to have the issue investigated for you; please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps




I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Ignite TV - Recorded playback issues

The email provided is missing info. What should we type before the @