Ignite TV - No Sound

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Ignite TV - No Sound

I got a picture but no sound


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Re: Ignite TV - No Sound

Good evening @Powerpaul,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. If you’ve already checked the volume on the TV, have you attempted to give your Set-Top box a reboot by unplugging the power for 10 seconds?


If you can provide us with a bit more information, I’m sure the Community can help you get your sound working again. 🙂





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Re: Ignite TV - No Sound

My sound always cuts out on my Rogers Ignite. What is wrong with Ignite?
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Re: Ignite TV - No Sound

I have had a few sound issues.. but only on random recordings.
Generally, I dont think there is anything wrong with the FEED etc that should be causing this, unless its channel specific at the time.  
If yours is cutting in/out consistently, may be something else in play.


Reboot the box if you havent already (unplug and re plug back in)
Try another HDMI cable if you can, in case that one is having an issue say with the audio.
You could try another input on the TV as well.

Beyond that.. it could be a signal issue.. to the house/internet itself, or the wifi.. not giving it a proper stream. (though I would think would effect the picture as well as sound)

I've Been Around
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Re: Ignite TV - No Sound

Hi Roger's Tim.
I'm having the same issue. Have to restart all the time. Tried unplugging as well. Tech has come out twice and replaced everything. It only happens on the smart tv. The others, not smart, have no problem. What is Roger's going to do to fix this cause clearly others are having the same problem.
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Re: Ignite TV - No Sound

@wandd : I have the following comments/suggestions:


1. Try moving a box from a TV that's working to the one that's not and vice versa (box swap)

2. Try moving the HDMI cable from a working TV to the one that's not.  Make sure the cable is well seated in the port.

3. Try setting the video output to match your TV's capability.  4K, 1080P, etc?  Don't leave it on "auto"

4. Go into the settings and change the audio output format to "other" or DD.  Go through all the options available and wait a few seconds after each new setting to see if it works.

5. Check to see if your TV has a firmware update available.

6. Use a known channel like CP24. Then try other channels.


If the boxes have been swapped already, it sounds like some sort of connection issue, or handshake issue or incompatibility. What's the exact make/model of the TV with the problem?




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