Ignite TV - Intermittent Black Screen

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Re: Ignite TV - Intermittent Black Screen

@sharmac1 wrote:

My tv is Dynex and its approximately 5-6 years old.  I am using the HDMI cord that came with the box.  The only way I an get a picture on my tv is to uplug the box and plug it back in when I turn on the tv.  Not sure if it matters,  but the white on the box does not always stay on.

Check out the following tips which I posted elsewhere for a similar issue:


1. Are you using the TV remote or the Rogers remote?

2. There should be no need to unplug the box. It should "wake up" if you press any button on the Rogers remote.

3. If the TV has been properly programmed into the Rogers remote, the Rogers remote should turn on the TV and the Rogers box with a press of the power button. See link below for how to programme/setup the remote.

4. In the Box' video settings, is it set to "auto"?  If so, try setting this to the video output resolution compatible with your TV.  You may wish to try 1080i since that works with any HDTV, or 720P just as a test.

5. Is the firmware of the TV up to date?  Sometimes the original firmware is incompatible with certain devices and needs to be updated.




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Re: Ignite TV - Intermittent Black Screen

Folks. It's plain and simple that Rogers Ignite is a faulty product. Everyone has problems with it. It's just plain out glitchy. I have tried to raise overall product concern with Rogers - even suggesting they recall their boxes, but they have invested too much money into the technology to ever admit that there's anything wrong with it. Instead they delete my topics and try to give ridiculously technical solutions to consumers who would never have the time or technical know-how to try them. Basically, you're stuck with a bad product and your only solution is to either live with it or switch to Bell.

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Re: Ignite TV - Intermittent Black Screen

Some of the issues presented here.. if  you consider this a complete failure requiring a recall.. then I could possibly pick about 1000's of other pieces of technology that should all have recalls too.   Including rogers digital boxes.. and every single high speed modem from every provider over the years.  Most video game consoles, and PCs.

Everyone DOES NOT have a problem with it.
A % of them, yes.   But NONE of the current issues ongoing are global.   This has been brought up in a few threads before, and there are a bunch of people on here, who do not have any of the general issues listed here and other threads ongoing.  (outside of the occasional reboot, which had to be done on them as well).
I have had it since day 1, and yes a few minor bugs occasionally early on.  Intermittent black screens? Pixelizations, cut out, etc.  Nope.

As has been stated in this thread, to try and test things (settings, cable, etc), why? because sometimes there is incompatibilities.
EG: I have 3 devices downstair, ps3, ps4 and the rogers box, which i wanted to go through an HDMI switch.  EVERYTHING worked fine, the PS3, even a DVD player.  But the PS4, failed.  Even changing the settings, changing the cord.  Straight into the TV, it was fine.
Swap out the HDMI splitter for a new/different one.  Oh look, it works fine.  There was something incompatible / not working with all those devices combined.  But worked fine on the others. 
This is something which will always happen in the real world.   90% of the time, yes everything should play nice and work together.  But sometimes that just doesnt happen.