Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

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Re: Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

I went to link proved to me above and followed the instructions. I also saw another link that advised and I followed: changed the name and password of my Ignite network to match the mesh Network name and password. When it resets all the TVs worked. Before that step I turned on bridge and TVs didn’t work. I wasn’t sure how to connect but the above step made it so much easier. 

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Re: Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

Ignite Arris XB6 --- Extender/Mesh --- Arris Surfboard Max???


Good day,


Just wondering if anyone has had an success with MESH systems or extenders with the Arris XB6 modem/router.  I know Arris just released the Surfboard Max system and thought it may be a possibility seeing as its made by the same manufacturer.  Every time I call in to ask usually just the the answer of “don’t”. 


Please and thanks

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Re: Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

Some others on here have got them going..

I am using the rogers supplied one and its working fine.

I think a lot is in HOW its set up.
-modem in modem only mode, mesh doing it all, which can have extra tv setup

-modem in router mode with wireless off, mesh only doing wireless, etc.

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Re: Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

@pwc_brick1I don't think that there is any advantage (or reason) to purchase Arris-branded Wi-Fi gear.  I'm using a Linksys Velop and I have not run into any issues whatsoever.  Rogers also offers (and fully supports) the eero Wi-Fi mesh.  The most important thing is that each Xi6 set-top box needs to have good connectivity, your Wi-Fi network must be installed correctly, and you need to monitor your Wi-Fi environment regularly to ensure you don't have any channel conflicts with neighbouring Wi-Fi gear (or any other sources of interference) that could impede the performance of your home network.  Your Wi-Fi network needs to be rock-solid stable and if you should ever run into any problems, all of your Ignite TV equipment needs to be in a supportable configuration.