Ignite TV - Inconsistent Upload Speed

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Ignite TV - Inconsistent Upload Speed

I have read through this forum and I can't see an answer to the quick question I would like to ask. I just had ignite TV/internet and home phone installed with the new modem that has all three in it. I was having tv wifi issues which they seem to have resolved but now i notice a big drop in upload speed. When they first reset the whole system I was getting average 920Mbps download and 32Mbps upload (wired to my gaming computer). Within a day or two when I run a speed check on any checker my download only drops slightly (which is okay), but my upload stays at 12Mbps. I reset the modem and it goes back to the 920 and 30. So my question is. Am I suppose to be resetting the modem every 2 days so I keep the speed I am suppose to be getting? Thank you for any and all help.


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Re: Ignite TV - Inconsistent Upload Speed

Hello, @Rising


I know how important it is to have good upload and download speeds for your Internet.


You definitely should not have to be rebooting the modem every 2 days to obtain the speeds allotted to your plan. Modem reboots are required from time to time but it should not be that frequent. It sounds like there could be a minor signal issue on one of your Upstream channels that is being masked by reboots you are doing. 


A reboot can sometimes help resolve some issue but generally, issues will return if the signal levels are not within the specified range. Please send us a Private Message so we can locate your info and run some signal tests on your equipment to ensure it is within the right range.


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