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Ignite TV Guide Clock a Little Off

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Time on the Ignite TV Guide is Slow


I noticed the time on the guide is at least 1 minute slow causing my recordings to start early and then cut off the endings! Extremely annoying! I now have to set my recording to extend by 3 minutes. However, I shouldn’t have to do this. I think Rogers needs to synch up the time on the guide or at least suggest if this is something only I am experiencing.


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Re: Ignite TV Guide Clock a Little Off

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Hey @Vunanne!


That's certainly a unique issue. I can appreciate the concern as there's the potential to miss a portion of the recorded program. From my understanding of how the recording process works on Ignite TV this certainly should not be occurring. Have you perhaps had a technician out there yet to review this issue? It's possible there may be an issue with the STB itself. Are you experiencing this with all boxes, or just one? Does the time extension resolve the issue for you?





Re: Ignite TV Guide Clock a Little Off

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@RogersAndy  After seeing @Vunanne 's post, I did some testing last night and can confirm that the clock on one of my set-top boxes was off as well.  (I only looked at one.)  I would have expected the time shown on the Guide to be either truly accurate or lagging (25 to 30 seconds slower than the "wall clock") but still in sync with a the clocks on channels such as CP24 and in sync with program start times.  I found the clock on my STB to be almost 1 minute slow.


The time on the STB can be off for a variety of reasons: the clock source that they sync to could be off or there could be an issue with the set-top box's operating system sometimes taking too long to process interrupts.  (Clock ticks get missed and the STB's system time slowly drifts slower and slower.)  If the STB's clock is drifting, things should go back to normal (or at least get better) after the next time sync.  However, it also doesn't really matter how accurate the STB's clock is; it's mainly used to display the correct Guide data, not to initiate recordings.  (You don't want the STB's clock to be off by too much but it certainly does not have to be accurate to the millisecond.)


What really matters is that the clocks on the cloud PVR back-end systems are not only accurate but also aligned with program start times, which appears "slow" due to the encoding delay.  As a test, I recorded a program on CP24 overnight and observed the program's clock when I played the recording.  It started a few seconds before the scheduled time and ended a few seconds after.  The recording was perfect and none of the program content got cut off.

Re: Ignite TV Guide Clock a Little Off

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Hi. I can confirm that all my boxes have the same issue. 1 minute slow. And some recordings end fine but others are cut off. It all depends on the programming since some generally end early.

Re: Ignite TV Guide Clock a Little Off

Good morning Community!


If you're experiencing this issue, we should troubleshoot and then escalate a ticket to see if we can get it resolved. 


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further support. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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