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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Ignite TV Feedback

Same computer, same personal info ... yet today #4 worked ... thanks for heads up, I've sent my message via Share-a-concern.


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Resident Expert
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Re: Ignite TV Feedback

@OldFatUgly wrote:

Thank you G ... FINALLY a response worthy of my respect and thanks for the information/feedback provided.

Thanks for the kind words.  I also want to make it clear that while I may be critical of Ignite TV at times, the product does work well for me.  BUT, it is different, and it has its quirks, and because it is based an already-established Comcast platform, it can be a challenge to convince the "800-pound gorilla" who made it to make changes.


If Rogers had opted to base Ignite TV on a different platform, they may have had more leverage with their vendors to make changes, but they also may still be struggling to get it launched.


My only rebuttals for clarification :

re:#1 - PVR world doesn't have the non-recording of same show/multiple channels restriction ... why does IGNITE? It's a restriction/short-coming that makes no sense.

I think that being able to set a series recording of the same show on different channels has valid use cases.  The platform should allow this, and those use cases need to be made in a clear/concise manner in order to avoid the "Why would you ever want to do this?" response.


I can also see how managing those multiple series recordings could confuse some people, especially if they had been set accidentally.

(Adding powerful capabilities to software, these days, runs counter to an ongoing trend of simplifying UI's to cater to less-sophisticated users.)


re:#3 - Why have "favourites" or multiple channel designations for the SAME network if ONLY the lowest number can be a favourite??  Nothing complicated about my wanting 507 (which I chose as a favourite) to show in my guide instead of 22 (which I didn't)

The X1 platform sees things as "the program" or "the channel".  When you mark a favourite channel, it marks all occurrences in the Guide. It is not granular.  [sarcasm] What you are asking for is another feature that is just going to confuse users.  [/s]


re:#4 - Popular/Premier is indeed one fix ... but "UP TO 85" instead of "MUST KEEP 85" is a much easier fix and no lost revenue for Rogers.

Now I have to ask, why do you want to do this?

Is it because (a) you only want to see the channels that you want to watch in the "Free To Me" view of the Guide?

Is it to (b) deprive channels, that you do not wish to support, of subscription revenue?


For case (a), it might be easier to add a feature where we can have a custom guide views, that will allow us to either select or omit channels and/or channel numbers.  Bonus points for being able to lock views through parental controls.


For case (b), Rogers still has to pay software developers to implement this feature... although a "pick up to 85 Flex Channels" approach may actually simplify things.  Bonus points if they give us a credit for any Flex Channel allotments that we do not use.


Although, why not just do away with mega packages like Popular and Premier and "Theme Packs", and offer a pure pick-and-pay approach, with fair pricing instead?  (I know that I am inviting a sarcastic response.)

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 22

Re: Ignite TV Feedback

We are on the same page on #1, and if #3 is confusing then WHY are all the Sportsnet/TSN/Sports channels together in the 500's as a group but I can't designate them as favourites there?? Same goes for FX/W/etc. groupings in the 200/300/400's ... they were grouped together for a reason but CAN'T be designated as favourites in those spots.


And both option "a" and "b" are correct for #4 ... (a) because I want my "Free To Me" to ONLY include my favourites and the rest of my 45 Flex choices (the other 40 are in the way) and "b" because I really don't care about the financial situation of the 40 channels I don't want to watch.  (does that make me a bad person?)  🙂


Thanks G.


Sarcastic comment is TOO easy herein ... tongue held (but laughing out loud at suggestion)  🙂