Ignite TV Descriptive Video

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Ignite TV Descriptive Video

Ignite TV...seems Fox channel 43 likes to have Descriptive video on for certain shows.


Recorded Last Man Standing and Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours to Hell and Back and both had descriptive video on.


I check the setting and it was turned off. Is it just Fox that does this or is there a problem with some setting on Ignite TV?





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Re: Ignite TV Descriptive Video

If you're not seeing (er hearing) DV on any other channels and you have it turned off, then it's likely that Rogers is picking up the incorrect feed for that channel.  (There are several feeds for a single channel and sometimes Rogers picks up the wrong one to send to everyone)  This has happened several times in the past. Contact Rogers in your favourite way and have them look into it. Not all programming has DV.