Ignite TV DVR - Set to record just NEW but records all Reruns

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Re: Ignite TV DVR - Set to record just NEW but records all

@Toniroma : I'm not sure why the timeslot option is not available on Ignite either, but until it (or something similar) is offered, you will either need to put up with the "duplicate" recordings and delete them as desired, or set single recordings for the particular programme.  Duplicate recordings, on Ignite, at least don't wear out the hard drive of your PVR because they are "in the cloud".


You may also wish to contact CTV (see post 17) since they are partly responsible for not providing a unique title like "CTV News at 6" and "CTV News at 11", etc.


There are other minor issues that Ignite has (as discussed in this forum), however, most people would agree that, on the whole, Ignite is better than digital cable.  It can certainly be a source of frustration when it doesn't do what you've been used to doing.  That's one of the reasons why I have not yet switched to Ignite.

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Re: Ignite TV DVR - Set to record just NEW but records all Reruns

I've continued experimenting with the Ignite TV Guide and recording functions.  I stumbled on a feature/option in Setup, available from ROGERS button.  There is an option to set "LABS" on/off.  I set it on, and I'm now able to select "only channel xxx" and I believe a few other features I've not seen before.  This seems to have resolved my issue of getting multiple versions of a program, especially for those on other channels. 


Having said this, I'll admit that in some cases you just get worn down trying to ensure you get the programs you want recorded. 


All in, I would say that about one month into ignite after 4 years with Fibe, I'm happy with the switch.  The price Rogers is offering Ignite at, while Bell continues it's push to $200+ per customer, is a good way to get new customers.  I'm sure with time they will create a more reliable and usable feature set than is available currently.  Just don't go overboard on features.  One exception is please bring on Amazon Prime.


PS:  My wife is happy to just use the voice input.  She, and I, are having challenges converting to the new channel numbers.