Ignite TV - Connection Issues

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Ignite TV - Connection Issues

Let me share my horrible experience with Ignite TV. I am seriously considering switching back to cable or maybe Bell is worth a look now. 


I have been a Rogers Cable customer for over what 26 year at my currently location now, I have cable, internet, cell phone and home phone all with them but last Dec I notice my bundle discount has stopped and my bill went up a lot. I called customer service and trying to get my discount back but they sold me on an UPGRADE to this premier service Ignite TV. With the installation discount an all I thought I would give it a try. Installation was on Dec 27 2018. 1) First it was the installation hiccup - the TVs stopped working after the guy left and I had to escalate to get the same guy to come back that evening to fix the problem. The reason I was given was that the coax cable connecting to the modem was pinched and he had to tighten the connection and the system started working again. 


2) So it was working fine except whenever the network goes down, the IP phone is dead and my alarm system would beep because a phone line fault is detected. My alarm company would call and would not be able to get through to the home phone so they would call my cell phone. This happened usually in the middle of the night because Rogers probably thinks that no one is using the network so it is ok to reboot it?


3) Then started last week, about a month after the system was installed and some of my laptops (mix of Mac and Windows)  would be able to connect to the WiFi but would not be able to reach the internet. I started to do some diagnostics ( still remember how to use ipconfig on a command prompt) and determined that some machine would have the default gateway and DNS server at and they would work properly, the other ones that for some reason would have the old 192.168. 0.254 would either have no internet access or connect but can reach some sites like Google and Youtube but not Roger.com or RBC.com etc.  This tells me it is a DNS server issue. All machines's config is to get the DNS Server automatically from the WiFi network and are not hardcode. Remember all these machines were working fine before I switched to Ignite and were working fine for about a month. Last Friday I spent about 2 3 hour on the phone with a Rogers agent who has no clue what a DNS server is about, insisted that since some machine works and some don't then it it not the network problems. Told me I need to find someone to check my machines out! I repeatedly trying to explain to him that there where no change in my machines but he has no clue and suggested to send a technician to check it out. On this past Sunday, the technician came and spent again 2-3 hours trying many rebooting of the router, rebooting of my machines, tried different TCPIP config changes (which was my tasks as the technician claims that he is only a cable guy  and not a computer guy). At the end of that I still have some machines working and some don't. The strange thing is that some would work at one time and then not working another time. It is like they are limiting a fix number of machines to work. AT the end, the tech guy blamed the issue with the bad weather. But the issues started mid last week before the weather turn bad!


4) On Monday night there was a power surge and all machine was rebooted including the router. And my alarm company calling routine once again. But after that, because the router were rebooted, all the machines got the addresses and all started to work. I thought finally, they fixed whatever the problem with the network was and thought I can now sleep easy. 

5) This afternoon, the problem returns. It is 2:30 AM now and I am still up because I just spent another 2 and half hour on the phone with Rogers Tech support this evening again trying to figure out what the . is wrong. At the end they couldn't fix it and now blame it on the faulty modem and will need to send another technician next Wednesday (earliest evening appointment they have) to replace the modem! I am guessing that the tech will say he is the network guy and not a computer guy and I have to go find other help?  


The net of this is that Ignite is just nothing but nightmare for me. what I want is a stable network and accessing the internet is really a basic thing that a carrier should provide. So much for this PREMIER service I was lured into. 


I am giving them one more chance, and at the meantime I am shopping for alternatives. There are many options out there these days I heard.



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Re: Ignite TV - Connection Issues

The everything dropping.. normally shouldn't happen that often.

Since I got ignite, I have had to reboot it maybe 2-3 times.. and only maybe 1-2 drops.  
And I have had it since first day it was available.

It shouldnt be rebooting/dropping that regularly.


Hopefully with that tech out they can take a look at things at the house there.. and just see if its something localized.. bad signal even could cause those dropouts.

(or at least narrow down if its outside the house, etc)

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Re: Ignite TV - Connection Issues

I have been losing connection with ignite on my laptop since the day it was installed.  My laptop looses connection every 3 - 5 minutes  a couple of hours then settles down for a couple of hours and then once again it is losing connection constantly for another couple of hours no matter the time of day.  The TV,  iphones, and galaxy phones lose connection but you barely notice  it and not near as often, the tablets looses connection a few times a day, but it too is barely noticeable., but the laptop, wow, unbelievable.  The speed of Ignite is amazing, but this loosing connection is a daily headache.   I had a technician out and everything is hooked up fine, he explained well it is new and will have growing pains in the beginning.   I have scoured the internet looking for ways to fix the problem, from taking out my Network adapters and putting new ones in.   If anyone has had this problem and found a fix for it, please leave a reply  I totally regret the day I changed from cable to Inginte TV, unfortunately it is the only package I could bundle to save a few bucks.  

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Re: Ignite TV - Connection Issues

That sort of thing has nothing to do with 'growing pains'

Some of the issues going on with playback, etc.. which are server/software issues? Sure.

But things like general internet drops like that? No, thats not growing pains.
9/10 time its more setup problems.. etc.

A) the signal overall to the house is NOT good, that it is whats causing the problem and the dropouts.
B) Something else with the setup.  ANY provider, the modems are notorious for beeing not the greatest quality.  Depending on the house, the location.. they just dont cut it.
Its one reason now that rogers is offering to have the Eero mesh network setup.

Generally, on a good setup, you should not be having dropouts like that.
I can do stuff for hours on end (outside of the TV) on the internet with no interruption on mine.
(I do have the Eero units)

I've Been Around
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Re: Ignite TV - Connection Issues

Did you resolve your connection issues?
I have the same problem losing the connection from the router out within a few minutes on Dell laptop with a 1490 dual mic that does support 5Ghz. All other connections from multiple iPhones,TV work well