Ignite TV Box Issues

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Re: Ignite TV Box Issues

Here's an odd one.


The Ignite box is connected to one of the HDMI inputs on my living room TV. When the TV is turned on, the screensaver image is in wonky, pastel colors and there's no sound. Once I unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in, everything works normally.


By way of troubleshooting, I have:


  • Swapped out multiple HDMI cables
  • Tried connecting through each of the three HDMI inputs in turn
  • Swapped out with my other set-top box
  • Rebooted the set-top box repeatedly

None of these made any difference. Our conventional (pre-Ignite) cable box did not do this. None of the TV's inputs do this with any other source.

I suspect it's the box, but I'm open to suggestions.

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Re: Ignite TV Box Issues

Are you using the Rogers remote to turn on the box (by pressing the Power button), which will also turn on the TV (if the Ignite remote is programmed properly to turn on the TV).  There shouldn't be any screensaver with both devices on. The box should come on to the last channel you watched.




What is the make/model of the TV?  There may be a (handshake or other) issue with the Box in standby and the TV on, but why not simply have both on?  What video output setting are you using in the box. Try using something like 4K or 1080P, depending on the capabilities of the TV. Don't use "auto".

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Re: Ignite TV Box Issues

@fcdecker  It's hard to say what could be going on here.  We've sometimes seen weird glitches happen after the set-top box and/or the TV go into a standby state, so it may or may not be faulty hardware.


You didn't mention this in your post, so I'll ask: Did you verify that your TV's firmware is up to date?