Ignite TV: 3 Dead Boxes in less than a week

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Ignite TV: 3 Dead Boxes in less than a week

So, we’ve been on Ignite TV since September and it’s been nothing but problems since the beginning (audio drop out, picture drop out, freezing, random reboots, fast forward function pretty much impossible to use etc etc etc). So now fast forward to last Sunday...turn tv on master bedroom on and box is unresponsive. Unplug and plug back in, boot menu comes up then blank screen box is dead. Come home today and living room box dead, check basement box, same thing, dead. Tech support over the phone like always is zero help and tell me to do the same things I’ve done already to no avail. I’ve tried to go back to my legacy cable but ignite promises they will always fix it and do good on their service but once again here we are with no TV again and can’t watch even recorded shows because they are in a cloud somewhere.

So Ignite, pay more, get a glitchy service with a few cool features but I wholeheartedly can’t recommend this to anybody.

If they can’t fix it this go round tomorrow I’m demanding my legacy back and thank goodness I’ve kept all my nextboxes!


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Re: Ignite TV: 3 Dead Boxes in less than a week

@cynikalmindset : Many of these sorts of issues are caused by a poor signal to your home or in your neighbourhood.  People who have good signal strength do have an occasional issue, but it may be something small once a month or so.  Ignite should be every bit as reliable as regular cable.


When the technician is there make sure he checks the signal at your home and neighbourhood properly and make it clear to him that this is their "last chance". Here's a post on the topic of poor signal which causes many of the issues reported on this forum:




Also make sure that the WiFi portion of your installation is working properly.

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Re: Ignite TV: 3 Dead Boxes in less than a week

Unless there was some weird power surge which ONLY took out those boxes...

What boot screens do you see all together? (there are 1-3 different ones before it fully goes 100% up).

As 57 mentioned.. signal quality, especially since this is internet based, can even make a bigger difference.
Sounds like the boxes might be alive.. but are no longer connecting properly?

Between there being a signal issue possibly coming into the house/in the house (bad splitter, etc) can cause just general internet droputs... if the wifi was not set up properly with it, with enough coverage, etc.. that can greatly effect the boxes as well.

I have had it from day one.   And while I do have some odd glitches.. usually have to reboot our main box at least once a week... I dont have ANY of the issues that your experiencing there.

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Re: Ignite TV: 3 Dead Boxes in less than a week

I'm getting to that point as well.