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Re: Ignite SmartStream

Hey guys!.

It's great to see this but in a time when you can get a Android TV box, Blue ray with streaming available? It's a hit and miss..

The fact is Rogers hasn't offered many apps other then Netflix / YouTube and some other apps which many do not know of. If they offered more apps? It would be great. However it's very limited and not eveeyone wants to just have Netflix and YouTube.

Also if someone wants a SmartTv? You can go to you're local Best Buy / Walmart and get a SmartTv that has Netflix and YouTube integrated for around $300. ( yes they aren't high end TV's but they do offer smart features ).

I have a LG OLED ( 75inch), Sony 55inch OLED and a 55inch Sony 4K LED. All Smart TV's and the Sony ones have android integrated. So i use those features more then I have with the Ignite TV box. I only use they for local cable channels and such.

It will be a hit and miss for sure but we shall see. If they ask for more then $5 a month for the box? It won't go anywhere. That's how I see it.
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Re: Ignite SmartStream

This is why I said what I did about the Smartstream box.  User has very few options for configuration, and zero control over the apps that it offers.


I only signed up for it because Rogers offered a 12-month $30 price reduction on my internet plan.  I don't even plan to use the box.  Hopefully it doesn't turn into a hassle.