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Ignite Screensaver Options

I've been around

I am tired of the constant Ads running in the screensaver. I get you want to save power but there should be a pictures only mode as well as a dark screen (no ads no pictures option) for those of us who like to fall asleep to the TV but don't want the constant light show once asleep.

There is no reason these 2 options cannot be added except that Rogers wants the constant Ads running. This feature is so annoying we are considering switching from Rogers.


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Re: Ignite Screensaver Options

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Myktay  I don't like this either.  Maybe Rogers' revenues are way below forecast and they feel the need to promote whatever they can, however they can.  It used to be that you could get rid of the hints and promotions by switching the Screen Saver to Animals or Entertainment... but it seems that they have "fixed" that.


The hints and promotions are fine for on-boarding new Ignite TV customers, but you only need to see them a few times at most; then they become annoying.  I also find it totally off-putting when they spam you in the Guide.


Hopefully our friends at @CommunityHelps can pass this feedback on to the Ignite product teams.

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