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Ignite Screen Goes Black Intermittently

I've been here awhile

We have 2 tvs and 2 Rogers Ignite boxes.  Both have the same problem.  When watching Ignite Tv suddenly the screen goes black, no sound, for about 6 seconds, then resumes the program. This happens on both tvs.  Checked connections,  Cannot resolve this problem.  Any suggestions?




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Re: Ignite Screen Goes Black Intermittently

I've been around
Release version 178.0.0
STB Timestamp
STB Version

All of the issues shared - blackscreen for 5_+sec no sound
Freezing etc
All still happening. I have 2 boxes. I’m paying way too much money for these issues to persist!

Re: Ignite Screen Goes Black Intermittently

I plan to stick around

Cf67....not sure who you have contacted, but I would recommend the following sequence;

-call tech support and they will probably want you to reboot modem and boxes , etc. but advise them you want a ticket created and get the ticket number. You will eventually in few days get a text saying they fixed  the problem or there has been a delay in fixing it and if not fixed notify tech support and give your ticket number and ask to speak to a manager

- ask one of the moderators who monitor this site to give you assistance...they are usually quick to respond and I found provide more information than then phone front line support.

Have tech support told you it is still a widespread of the moderators here will have or seem  to be able to get that information.

One last resort is to go to the Rogers website or google Rogers unresolved complaint resolution and you can send an email with details of your situation and it goes to the office of the President. However, unless you have tried the things above, it won't go very far.

Hope you get results

Re: Ignite Screen Goes Black Intermittently

I plan to stick around
So far I have not seen any issues for a few weeks. I just see I too have V178 on the STB my gateway was upgraded to
V CGM4331COM_6.2p32s1_PROD_sey. Hopefully it stays ok.

Re: Ignite Screen Goes Black Intermittently

I'm here a lot

I am having the same issue.  Have already had a box replaced (model I have is XiT-6).  Running the latest firmware based on the posts before.

Technician that came before, left me his number for follow up.  Says he will stop by today, so be interested to see what happens.

Re: Ignite Screen Goes Black Intermittently

I'm here a lot

Should also advise my issues occurred on both wired connection and Wifi.   

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