Ignite HDMI handshake issues

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Ignite HDMI handshake issues

I have my Ignite cable box > Sony AV Receiver > Samsung Plasma TV all through HDMI and I'm not getting a signal with the tv on, if I turn off the tv audio will go through my receiver but turning back on TV will give me no video or audio.


Ignite > TV via HDMI works

Xbox > receiver > tv via HDMI works (using video 2 input on receiver)

PS3 > receiver > tv via HDMI works (using video 1 input on receiver)

Ignite > receiver > tv via HDMI DOES NOT WORK (using video SAT input on receiver)


I've tried 3 different sets of HDMI cables, I've switched inputs (ie Ignite into video 1 and 2 inputs) does not work.

Ignite is set to 1080i and also tried 720p but does not work, 1080p does not work.
I've tried turning the tv on first and then the receiver and vise versa with no joy.

I've tried powering off everything and unplugging the surge protector (which everything is plug into) and then turning them all back on.  When I do this, Ignite will boot up with the welcome screen showing on the tv but will cut off again once it finishes booting up.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Ignite HDMI handshake issues

1. Since it works when directly connected, it's likely there is something in your system that's causing problems.

2. Update the firmware on all your equipment - AVR, TV, etc..

3. Use 1080i output video resolution for testing until you get it working since most AVRs/TVs accept that resolution.

4. Remove the surge protector from the equation - plug items directly into the wall.

5. Do not run the HDMI or RF-coax through a surge protector - can cause problems.

6. What is the exact make/model of the Sony AVR?

7. What is the length of the HDMI cables? Are they suitable for HDMI2.0?

8. Check the specs on the various TV HDMI ports. Some are specifically designed for certain input resolutions.


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Re: Ignite HDMI handshake issues

And if applicable do not let the AVR do any video up converting.