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IP Control of Rogers Ignite boxes?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

What manufacturer and model number is Rogers using for STBs for Ignite TV customers?  Is anyone aware if you can enable IP control of channel tuning to facilitate the use of Home Automation systems and/or PC based DVRs?


For example, here is a Github repository for interfacing with Comcast Xfinity boxes.  I point to this as Rogers Ignite is based on Comcast's Xfinity technology.


And here are the steps to enable IP control of a Comcast Arris XG1V4 box for the Control4 Home Automation system.



1) Activate IP Control on your STB (this requires the Xfinity Remote and an Ethernet connection to the SB):

  * Press and Hold the Xfinity button for 3 seconds.
  * Press the "DOWN", "DOWN", "3" buttons.
  * This will open the STB Diagnostics Menu (there will be several seconds of lag while it loads).
  * Scroll down to 'Remote Controls' and select.
  * Scroll to IP Control and select.
  * With the Diagnostics IP Control page open:
    - Press and Hold "A" for 5 seconds.
    - Press "4", "7", "7" buttons ("I","P","R").
    - Press and Hold "A" for 5 seconds.
  * A message will tell you that you are activating IP Control and your STB will reboot.

2) After STB reboot, return to the Diagnostics Menu and return to the IP Remote section.  Verify that IP is enabled, and note the IP Remote LAN Address.

3) Setup a static IP Address registration in your router's DHCP menu (beyond the scope of this document).

4) Reboot the STB if necessary to obtain the new IP Address.

5) In ComposerPro's Connections -> Network Tab -> IP Network section, find the Xfinity X1 driver, and enter it's IP Address in the Identify Window.

6) In the Xfinity driver's Actions Tab, press the 'Pair to Xfinity X1' button.  This will pair Control4 with the STB.

7) In ComposerPro's Connections -> Control/AV tab, make appropriate A/V connections from the Xfinity X1 driver to appropriate endpoints.

😎 In ComposerPro, select File -> Refresh Navigators.

The Xfinity X1 STB should be controllable through Control4.


Re: IP Control of Rogers Ignite boxes?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Honestly I'll be surprised if Rogers enable this functionality.

They usually disable most advanced and not so advanced feature to cut down on support cases.

I could be wrong...


Re: IP Control of Rogers Ignite boxes?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Sorry for the slow reply on this, but Rogers older boxes have active firewire ports which is something that is a bit surprising as this was not required in Canada.  I use this port for changing channels.

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