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IGNITE TV BOX sounds like Chipmunks through my monitors

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I need help with my Sharp Smart TV LED 50 inch Model No.EVSHA50N5000U...there has been no sound coming from the speakers for a while so i have been using my PreSonus 3.5 Aris near field monitors to hear sound. Its been working for the most part connecting my tv through an AUX cord  BUT now I'm using Fiber opitcial cable with with HDMI connection to watch Rogers Ignite TV on my tv and sound is coming out but the ppl sound like chipmunks. I even got Digital Analog convertor from Amazon to connect to my tv using the SPIDIF outlet and it still is not working? What should i do?


Re: IGNITE TV BOX sounds like Chipmunks through my monitors


Greetings @MelBeck2023,


Thank you for posting your concern, and welcome to Rogers Community Forums!

I know how frustrating it can be to experience audio issues while watching TV. We'd be happy to assist you with this.


Have you tried replacing the Fibre optical cable or the HDMI cable? Have you tried rebooting the STB box? Is the STB box connected to a power bar? if yes, try connecting directly to a power outlet.

We look forward to hearing from you.




Re: IGNITE TV BOX sounds like Chipmunks through my monitors

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I have the following comments.


1. TVs don't usually have an optical (SPDIF) Input, it's usually an output.

2. It appears as though your speakers only have analogue audio inputs, so you'd need to have an HDMI adaptor that sends video to the TV and audio to the speakers via analogue audio (red/white).

3. In the Rogers box, set the audio output to "stereo" instead of Dolby or Expert and the audio in the TV audio should be fine.

4. If you want proper audio, you can connect HDMI to an AVR, or perhaps go "through" the TV and send audio out from the TV to something that has an optical input from the TV's optical output, but you'll need to set the TV's audio properly to send audio to the "external speakers" via the TV's optical output.


Please elaborate on what it is you're trying to do in detail.

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