Huawei p30 lite not connecting to wifi

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Huawei p30 lite not connecting to wifi

We recently bought a new modem and set up our new WiFi and it worked for the forst two days but recently I can't connect my Huawei p30 lite to the internet, I know that it's a problem with the specific device because I have two of them and out of 20 devices they're the only ones that don't connect. If anyone has had the same problem and knows how to fix it please help.



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Re: Huawei p30 lite not connecting to wifi

Greetings @Mammabird!


My name is Corey and I'm here to troubleshoot this WiFi connectivity issue on your device.


Have you attempted yet to factory reset it? Are you familiar with the factory reset process?


Please let me know. I can provide instructions if need be.