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How to Install Ignite TV with no Smartphone.

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I do not have a smartphone, nor a smart tv, my old computer will not allow me to download the Wifi Hub app. How am I supposed to be able to even start to set up anything? I apologize as I have no computer skills, I am at a loss on how to even begin the set up process.


The salesman over the phone told me I did not have to have new technology to use the new Ignite Tv bundle and I do not have the money to pay Rogers $130 to install it themselves.  Can someone help? Thank you in advance.


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Re: How to Install Ignite TV with no Smartphone.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The Ignite TV is pretty Straight forward to install, just plug in the cables and your set.  But what I think you mean is you must *First* set up the Ignite Internet before you can use your Ignite TV service. You do need a working smart phone according to the instructions I found on the web site. So instead of worrying about what rogers will charge you, why not reach out to a neighbour or friend or relative, obviously while following all Covid-19 health and safety protocols and having them set up your ignite internet?    My parents are old and when they need internet or tv or computer help they always call me or my sister over for help.

Re: How to Install Ignite TV with no Smartphone.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
It is possible to perform the initial configuration of the Ignite gateway using a computer and a web browser. (The Ignite set-top boxes will then connect to the Gateway automatically.). However, if you will require Ignite WiFi Pods to expand WiFi coverage in your home then this can only be done using a mobile device running the Ignite WiFi app.
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