How do you like Ignite TV compared to Digital Cable?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How do you like Ignite TV compared to Digital Cable?

I think it depends on where you live. I’ve had it for 2 years now and it’s far better than the old digital cable. The only thing about it is that my “live” tv is actually about 30 secs behind due to the buffering of IPTV.

I've Been Around
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Re: How do you like Ignite TV compared to Digital Cable?

I am contemplating going from digital to ignite tv. My problem is I have a 77 inch OLED tv which has a screen which is 40% larger than a 65 inch so imperfections in picture quality are obvious. The current picture quality for channels such as Global is excellent on Digital cable. I have a:b’d from cable to over the air and sometimes the over the air is over saturated and therefore the cable picture is sometimes superior and at worst similar. I also have Bell Fibe tv and since their channels are limited to 720p and 5 Mb/s the picture quality is noticeably inferior to Digital cable. My question is will I lose picture quality by moving to Ignite and will the picture quality be similar to Fibe?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How do you like Ignite TV compared to Digital Cable?

I would not if I were you. Ignite is less intuitive, less flexible, less usable in fact. The GUI is less user friendly. The channel line-up for example does not scroll page by page or channel by channel as you prefer, and the channel you are currently watching does NOT appear in the top right corner as you scroll.  I see zero difference in the quality of the picture on my 43" Sony. No difference at all with picture Ignite vs. Digital. Most importantly, is the constant, twice weekly reboots of either the set top box, or the modem or both. Choppy signal as well of course.

The channel line up has no relevance because the channel numbers are different on Ignite.

I could go on but you get the idea. I would not change if I were you, but you will NOT be able to go back to digital is you do. 


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Re: How do you like Ignite TV compared to Digital Cable?

I disagree with most of what was mentioned above. If the Rogers network in your area is working well and your in-home network (WiFi etc) is also working well, then Ignite TV will also work well. I haven’t had any issues specific to Ignite since I switched. My in-home network has always been rock solid but I also use my own 3rd party network gear. And Rogers upgraded their infrastructure in my neighbourhood approx 3 years ago. If you need to reboot the Ignite gateway or tv boxes that often, then there’s definitely something wrong with the setup, in-home network, Rogers network in the area, or any combination of these.

I love the Ignite user interface, guide, layout, and all-in-one voice remote. I didn’t think I’d use or like the voice functionality but the entire family uses it frequently and it’s amazing.

Picture quality on Ignite is better than Digital. My wife (a total non-techie that doesn’t care much for this stuff) noticed it right away after we switched…she was watching one of her shows and said “wow, the picture is so clear!” Streams are encoded at 10Mbps 1080p. There’s also noticeably less compression with Ignite compared to Digital.

I was very skeptical of the switch when I was still on Digital. Only regret I have now is that I didn’t switch sooner. If I was given the option now between Ignite and Digital, I wouldn’t think twice and would choose Ignite hands down.